The hydraulic manure scraper easily adapts to all cattle farms. Useful for scraping manure and slurry from your cows, ducks and pigs, it works manually or in automatic programming. It can be installed either in a groove or directly on existing masonry, without specific fittings. The CRD hydraulic scraper saves you significant time in carrying out your daily agricultural tasks and increases your profitability.

There are 3 models of scraper (galvanized and CE approved): straight, U-shaped and V-shaped, which allow slurry to be cleaned from corridors 1 to 10m wide. This scraper has many advantages such as a simple and efficient hook-up, its reinforced IP55 hydraulic system, its sophisticated control cabinet with frost protection option, as well as the end of the corridor.

Feature of Hand Manure Scraper

1. With the help of Removal system, it is possible to save 90% of time or labor, after the drying of poultry excrement.
2.multi-level power transmission, increasing the friction, powerful;
3.automatic retractable scraper , board position adjustable, friction is very small,the Conservancy clean;
4.Host Moter can run 1-4 scraping manure plate, the longest scraping manure travel 140 meters, wire and cotton rope traction C optional.
5.The electronic load sensor measures by the weight to adopt the belt ten dry channel’s excrement quantities, thus in the coordinated chicken coop eliminates the excrement conveyer belt and the dry conveyer belt’s speed.
6. Application: This machine is widely used in caged and fed on-line removal of poultry dung can also be used for factory floor production line of materials collected.Scraping manure hot galvanized steel plate, high corrosion resistance. Advanced technology, reasonable design, rugged.
7. Our illustration for better understanding of the work for Manure removal system:

Uses/benefits of Hand Manure Scraper:

Very resistant system even with young bulls •

External shutter opening adjustment •

Eliminates the use of tractor or self-propelled •

No need to enter the boxes to close and reopen the barriers •

Time saving •

Maintenance of a clean soil improving the sanitary level of the breeding •

Galvanized rail and scraper for perfect corrosion resistance

Specification of Hand Manure Scraper:

Product nameManure scraper
ApplicationFarm Breeding Equipment
FunctionPig Raising
MaterialStainless Steel
FeatureLow Cost
ColorCustomized Color
SizeStandard shipping packaging
MOQ10 Set
PackageStandard shipping packaging

Prices of Hand Manure Scraper:

$500.00 – $4,500.00

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