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The new multi-purpose hand tractor is strong, durable and low fuel consumption. This machine is couple with blue cryogenic engine and function with 11 other equipment attached to it. It works with harvester, water pump, single and double plough ridger, disc plough ridger, trailer, rotary cultivator, harrow, paddy wheel, planter and seat to the hand tractor. Chinige technology services ltd is giving to customers 10 years free maintenance service and 1 year guarantee. Be sure inform the seller you get the contact on Olist.The walking tractor 15hp is a small tractor with a simple structure and low power, which is suitable for small arable land. The driver supports the armrest to control the operation and can be equipped with a variety of agricultural tools for operation. One machine with multiple functions is a very reliable multifunctional walking tractor 15hp.

The Multi-purpose hand tractor (aka Iron Cow) is design with blue cryogenic engine to withstand high temperature, this diesel driven machine is 12HP and when operating for 8 hours daily the diesel last for a week on 12 liters full tank. The machine has a life sperm of 30 years, have 6 gears with reverse and can travel for short distance when moving 30KM per hour. The hand tractor functions with 11 implement namely Harvester, Planter, Ridger, single Plough, Disc plough, Rotary Cultivator, Harrow,  Trailer, Seat, Paddy Wheel and Water Pump. These new innovation is design to meet the needs of local farm where it dose not at all require man power and customers are allow to pay in instrumentally.

Feature of Hand Tractor:

Features of Walking Tractor

1. The walking tractor 15hp has the advantages of a compact model, flexible operation, and strong adaptability, stable performance, one machine for multiple uses.

2. Equipped with different agricultural machinery and tools, it can be used for plowing, rotary tilling, soil crushing, ditching, ridging, fertilizing, sowing, weeding, harvesting, and other field operations. Equipped with a trailer, it can also be used for short-distance transportation.

3. This walking tractor 15hp is suitable for terrain including plains, basins, hills, mountains, pineland, hard land, sandy land, dry land, vegetable garden, orchard, greenhouse, etc.


EngineEngine type/Single cylinder, horizontal, water cooled,4 stroke
ZR180NL,ZR190NL,ZR195NLHP8, 10, 12, 15, 18
Main parameterDimension(LxWxH)mm2170x890x1150
Min Ground Distancemm210
Wheel Basemm640–680
Weight (8/10/12 hp)kg260 kgs/ 280kgs /320kgs

Prices of Hand Tractor:


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