Hang On Back Filter For Planted Aquarium: Specifications & Best Price

The Hang on Back Filter for Planted Aquarium is a high-quality filter that helps you keep your fish tank clean and healthy. It’s easy to install and maintain, and it comes with everything you need to get started.

The Hang on Back Filter for Planted Aquarium uses a biological filtration system to break down fish waste, which means that you don’t have to handle the dirty water yourself. Instead, it will clear up on its own with this filter in place.

This filter comes with two media baskets: one for mechanical filtration (to trap debris) and one for biological filtration (to break down ammonia). You can change these out as needed—or even use both at once—depending on what kind of setup you want for your aquarium.

What is a hang-on-back filter?

A hang-on back (HOB) filter is a type of aquarium filter that hangs on the back of an aquarium. It is also known as HOB filters, external filters, and submersible pumps. The HOB filters are connected to the aquarium by a hose, which goes through an opening in one side or two sides of the tank. This type of filter has become popular because it can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement when needed without having to disconnect tubes, hoses, or cords from inside your aquarium. It’s also easy to reassemble because there are no suction cups involved with this type of filtration device,

Why do you need a filter?

It is important to know that a filter contributes to the biological cycle in an aquarium. This process involves the decomposition of organic matter, which releases ammonia into the water. It also means that you need to clean your filter regularly so that it can continue to function properly. The process can be referred to as “cleaning out” or “backwashing” your filter; but whatever you call it, you need to do it on a regular basis so that your tank remains healthy and clean. It will also help keep your fish happy and healthy because they will have access to cleaner water with fewer toxins than before.

How to choose the right hang-on back filter?

When choosing a hang-on-back filter, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Tank Size

The first factor that you should consider when choosing your hang-on-back filter is the size of your aquarium. Depending on how many fish are in your tank, you may want to buy a larger or smaller filter. For example, if you have a small 10-gallon aquarium and only one Plecostomus (a large algae eater), then there’s no need for an enormous HOB filter system. On the other hand, if you have a 125-gallon aquarium with numerous fish and invertebrates in it, then it would be wise to purchase a large HOB filter system with plenty of media room for all of your biological load.

  • Biotoad Load

The second thing that should determine which type of HOB filter system best suits your needs is how much biological load (i.e., waste) will be produced by the inhabitants within their confines. If there aren’t too many fish or invertebrates living together in one location but they produce tons of waste every day (such as koi ponds), then buying an appropriate-sized media chamber might not be necessary because there won’t likely be enough space between those two extremes – meaning one could go smaller without sacrificing quality cleaning capabilities over time due to clogged pipes/tubes etcetera.

What are the pros and cons of a hang-on-back filter?

While a hang-on-back filter is easy to use and clean, it is not very effective. They are also not very powerful, so you will need to buy a separate pump if you want to use this type of filter in your aquarium. The noise level can be a problem too as they tend to be noisy when running at full speed.

Another con of using this type of filter with an aquarium is that if you have a large aquarium then it might not be suitable for your needs since these types of filters are designed for smaller tanks only and larger tanks may require something more powerful than what these filters provide. It’s also important to consider the cost factor when thinking about purchasing one; while they may seem cheap initially when compared to other types such as internal power filters (which we will discuss later), they can still end up being quite expensive once all factors are considered such as pumps or other accessories required when setting up any type of HOB filter system which could put off some people who just want something simple yet effective right away without having any knowledge about what else might need buying.

Specifications of Hang On Back Filter For Planted Aquarium

Size: HOB Filter for Planted Aquariums

Flow Rate: 50000 L/H

Air Flow: 755 L/H

Tank Size: 10 to 60 US Gallons (37 to 227 Liters) Tank Type: Acrylic, Glass, or Plastic Tank Volume: 20 to 600 Liters Shape of Aquarium Bio-Wheel Hang On Back Kit Description (OEM): Rectangular shape with rounded corners. This filter complies with the standard dimensions of a fish tank, which is 19 inches long by 11 inches wide and 16 1/8 inches high that requires an aquarium stand with a depth range between 18 and 22 inches Deep.

Maintenance of Hang-On Back Filter For Planted Aquarium

  • Clean the filter regularly. If you have an aquarium filter, you should clean it once or twice a week. If you have a hang-on-back filter for planted aquariums, then it is also important to clean it regularly.
  • Replace the filter media. The media in your aquarium filters needs to be replaced regularly as well. For example, if you have an external canister filter then replace the cartridge every few months, and if you have a hang-on-back filter for planted aquarium replace all of the media every month or so depending on how much waste they produce.
  • Replace the pump impeller and check valve(s) periodically as well because these are worn items that will eventually become worn out with use and need replacing before this happens which could result in damage being done to other components of your system such as heaters, pumps or pipes etcetera.

Price of Hang-On Back Filter For Planted Aquarium

As with most products, the price of a hang-on-back filter for planted aquariums will vary depending on the size and quality of your purchase.

The cost of a hang-on back filter for a plant aquarium can range anywhere from $50 to $100. The price will depend largely upon the brand of your filter, as well as its size and quality. For example: if you buy an Aquamaxx 1 Gallon Hang On Back Aquarium Filter by Marineland ($40), then you can expect that it may be less effective than other filters (such as Sunsun). However, if you decide to purchase an Eheim Ecco Classic Canister Filter ($300), then this may be more effective in comparison with other filters due to its greater capacity for plant growth.

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