Hard hose  irrigation systems or reel travelers are comprised of a length of hard hose made of polyethylene plastic and a large hose reel on a trailer. They have a motor that rolls the hard hose onto the reel, pulling the trailer forward as it does and can be used with hoses of different diameters from 1-½ to 5 inches with travel paths set to anywhere from 150 to multiple hundreds of feet.A hard hose traveling irrigator is designed to sit at the edge of a paddock where it is attached to a hydrant. The trolley or sprinkler cart is then pulled out, the leftover hose can be left on the reel. Then as the machine irrigates the reel winds the cart back into the machine.

Uses of Hard Hose Irrigation

 Hard Hose Irrigation or traveling gun irrigators are very convenient as they allow you to irrigate multiple areas as well as irregular areas without the cost of installing permanent sprinkler systems for each one.


Low pressure losses over the turbine
• Increased flow and low friction loss through HDPE pipe
• Fully Hot Dipped Galvanizing for longevity
• Top of the range computer controls for accurate water application
• Inclusion of a Solar Panel for trickle feeding batteries (optional extra)


  • FULLY GALVANISED Chassis & Hose Reel Drum
  • Hydraulic (manual pump) lifting of trolley and feet
  • Mechanical lifting of draw bar
  • Turbine mounted on a 6 speed gearbox with built in by pass
  • Speed equalizer & Tachometer
  • Fully galvanised sprinkler trolley with variable track wheels
  • Big gun sprinkler with 3 nozzle set and pressure gauge
  • Hose guide system
  • PTO for fast retraction and manual winding handle
  • Upgraded to come standard with wide wheels
  • 89mm B-TYPE coupling on hose conn kit to connect to irrigator ( NO fitting on hydrant end of hose 

Prices of Hard Hose Irrigation

$5,000.00-$100,000.00/ Set

$38,612.00- $33,126.00

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