It’s one of the most common hay feeder designs in use – the bale ring. And there’s a reason hay bale rings are so common. It’s hard to find a more simple, straightforward way to feed round bales to cattle in isolation pens or on pasture. At Farmco, we continue the tradition of producing this iconic feeder design, with a few modifications to make it better than ever. First, we added a solid panel around the bottom of our bale ring to help cut back on feed waste. By preventing cattle from reaching in the bottom of the feeder and dragging hay out, we make sure more dry matter ends up where it needs to – inside your animals. We also use a slant bar design on the top of the feeder to further limit feed waste. (For even more efficient designs, check out a full list of our bale feeders.) Second, our bale ring hay feeders are built with a split design – two semi-circles fastened together with latch pins. This makes it easier to move the bale ring on and off of hay bales and feeding locations. Just put the bale in place, secure the bale ring around it, and be on your way.

Feeders are either open bottomed or close bottomed and most are equipped with mud legs to keep it from resting on the ground. The quality of hay you choose to feed your animals and whether or not it can touch the ground are integral questions that need to be answered before any type of hay feeder is purchased. Selecting the right feeder for your stock is an investment and should be approached with the same care and attention that would be used in making any other type of investment decisions. Selecting a quality piece of equipment can save a significant amount of money over a long period of time, as well as eliminating the need to purchase equipment more frequently than necessary.

Uses/benefits of Hay Bale Feeder For Cows:

This product is suitable for corn stalk, alfalfa, sugarcane tail leaf, sweet potato vine, reed, soybean meal, sandaling silage. After the straw is added with water and bacteria, it can be micro-storage, which has high commodity value and makes crops. The waste is turned into waste, which improves the utilization of resources, compensates for the shortage of low-quality and low-quality forage materials in the livestock industry, reduces the cost of feeding, improves the yield and quality of meat or milk, and enables the pasture industry. Embarked on commercialization. The company will gradually introduce new types of new products such as agricultural and animal husbandry machinery, and contribute to the mechanization, industrialization, marketization and scale of China’s agriculture and animal husbandry.

Features of Hay Bale Feeder For Cows:

Each bale ring built at Farmco is manufactured from heavy-duty 12 gauge metal with specifically placed reinforcements and fastened together with high-quality welds. Before it leaves the shop, each bale ring feeder is painted with a two-part polyurethane paint, applied electrostatically for even coverage. We design our bale feeders to stand up to years of abuse from cattle and from the weather. This feeder is recommended for the toughest round bale feeding situations, 2″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing, 51″ high (6″ taller than standard) and 19″ high hay saver, S-Bar design helps prevent calves from getting inside, 8′ diameter to accommodate large bales

Specification of Hay Bale Feeder For Cows:

  • Width: 96”
  • Height: 45”
  • Frame constructed from 14 gauge horizontal rails with 16 gauge Quadraform™ slants, and 18 gauge lower vertical braces
  • RBFSHD is sheeted with 20 gauge sheeting
  • Feeder consists of 3 pieces
  • Bolts and nuts for assembly included
  • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish
  • Color: Grey
  • All weights are approximate

Prices of Hay Bale Feeder For Cows:

$659.99- $4,000.00

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