Hay Ring For Cows This simple and quick to assemble freight friendly unit comes shipped on a 2.4m pallet, making interstate freight a cheap and viable option for our customers. Once the unit is assembled and all locking pins are in place, the unit is solid and can easily be moved with the forks of your tractor or hand-rolled across the paddock. A solid construction from galvanized pipe and RHS steel, we stand behind the build quality of this hay ring. 55 years of design, engineering, experience, and valued customer feedback has gone into this design. So don’t fall for a cheap import that will twist and buckle after a fortnight of use.

Desing Farm manufacture round bale feeders, rectangular bale feeders, bale feeders with roofs, wire feeders and other livestock equipment over 10 years. Our feeders are exported to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, France and some other countries.
– Hoop Design
– Strong Construction
– 3 Piece Design – panels firmly link together
– 12 Head Spaces
– 250mm Spacing between hoops
– Interlocking Pins
– Additional reinforcement to prevent hoop bending
– Once assembled, the unit can be shifted with your tractor forks

Material: Steel tube, rod etc., different diameter size tube you can choose, Surface treatment: whole hot dip galvanized.

Uses/benefits of Hay Ring For Cows:

1. Anti-corrosion finishing: overall hot deep galvanized;
2. Self-locking system;
3. Adjustable neck bar – easily adjusts the neck spacing to fit cattle.
4. The design of an adjustable pole and support pole is scientific and reasonable, it makes cows more comfortable.
5. Different type headlocks are offered to cows in a different period.
6. Easy to operate;
7. Safe for both cow and operator;
8. Convenient for disease treatment and epidemic prevention.

Features of Hay Ring For Cows:

It is easy to lock or open when the cattle lower its head to feed easy for the veterinarian to do such things as physical check-up, immunity, artificial insemination, gestation checking, treatment, getting rid of the horns, procreation, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. Tarter’s Titan Tall Bull Feederis engineered for feeding round bales in the harshest environments. It is constructed with 2″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing and features a deeper Hay Saver ring for additional feed savings. The S-bar design prevents calves from getting inside the feeder. Additional product features and benefits include:

  • This feeder is recommended for the toughest round bale feeding situations
  • 2″ round high-tensile strength steel tubing
  • 51″ high (6″ taller than standard) and 19″ high hay saver
  • S-Bar design helps prevent calves from getting inside
  • 8′ diameter to accommodate large bales
  • Features our durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish

Specification of Hay Ring For Cows:

NameHay Feeder
MaterialHot-dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe or Round Tube
FinishGalvanized Coating
Height x Length1000mm x 2000mm
Frame Pipe25*25RHS/40*40RHS
Length4psc per sheet 
WeldingFully welded post brackets
ConnectingRound pipe lugs and pins

Prices of Hay Ring For Cows:

$659.99 – $1,000.00

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