Head Chute For Cows With our patented “Infinite Locking System” (which is Guaranteed for Life), cattle are always controlled by the lock, rather than by the strength of the operator. Never before has a manual squeeze chute been so easy to operate. A single individual can control the tailgate, headgate, squeeze and side exit from one spot with minimal effort. This chute is contoured to fit cattle and the headgate self-adjusts to the correct locking width to fit any size animal. This, coupled with the “floating floor” adjustment and the split tailgate, makes this chute ideal for working cattle of all sizes. With multiple access points, the S04 gives you total control of your herd for all your cattle working needs.

The S2000 head gate is the same headgate offered on the 2000 series squeeze chutes and is very convenient for single-person operation. Fully adjustable with quick releases this is a fully-featured self-catching headgate. The larger opening allows for smooth animal releases. Pin and clevis attachments (included) work with any standard Powder River panels. Offering all the same great features as the standand H2000 hydraulic chute, the H2000 Chute with Stabilizer comes with a secondary head gate that closes in front of the shoulders of the animal and dramatically limits movement of the head and neck.

Features of Head Chute For Cows:

  • Designed to be user friendly, all levers and handles are located so that a single individual can operate the headgate, tailgate, squeeze, and side exit from one spot with minimal effort.
  • Headgate locks and Side Squeeze locks are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! This infinite locking system allows a perfect fit for every size animal.
  • Model 91 Headgate operates in manual or automatic catch mode. To set the automatic catch, move the auto-catch lever to activate the spring, and then use the self-catching lever on the front of the headgate to select one of 4 opening widths. The sides of the headgate are contoured to fit securely around the neck of the animal.
  • Five contoured upper access panels on each side of the chute are controlled by gravity latches, and allow maximum access to both sides of the animal.
  • “Floating Floor” adjustment allows the width of the floor to be adjusted in seconds with the pull of an overhead lever. No more digging through the mud and manure required! When not in use, the adjustment lever is stored over the top of the chute so it is not in the operator’s way.
  • Removable bottom access panels on each side of the chute are controlled by gravity latches and allow easy access to the lower part of the animal, making it easy to check hooves and/or udders.
  • The Side Exit gate can be used as a sorting exit or as an emergency exit by simply pulling on the release rope. Once the animal is clear of the chute, use the “easy pull” return lever to close the side gate, returning it to its original locked position without ever moving around the chute. When not in use, the return lever is stored of the top of the chute, held in place with a gravity latch.
  • The “split tailgate” features dual controls to allow operation of the tail gate from the front or rear of the chute. The simple pull of a pin disengages half of the tailgate to create a “calf-sized” entry into the chute. Put the pin back in place to resume split tailgate action.

Uses/benefits of Head Chute For Cows:

  • Superior Head Control
  • 110v or 220v Powder Options
  • Head Gate, Center Squeeze and Tail Gate are Hydraulically Controlled
  • Hydraulic Cylinders are up and tucked away
  • 5 Year Warranty on Chute
  • 1 year warranty on hydraulics

Specification of Head Chute For Cows:

  • Lubricate infinite locks with light oil (i.e. original WD-40). DO NOT use heavy oil or any oil with Teflon or silicon additives.
  • Overall Height: 80”
  • Overall Length: 94.5”
  • Overall Width (including handles): 53”
  • Weight: 1210 lbs (All weights approximate)
  • Inside Height: 62.5” (Floor to inside top of the tailgate frame)
  • Inside Length: 87”
  • Inside Width: 24” at the Belly Pipe, 30” at the bend of the contoured side panels
  • Comes standard with the HG91 Manual/Automatic Headgate
  • Includes Head Chain (HC)
  • Dip Painted Priefert Blue

Prices of Head Chute For Cows:

 $212.00 – $2,204.00

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