A powerful 570 g/L glyphosate formulation, Roundup ULTRA MAX is the latest in Roundup technology, offering advanced performance and flexibility. Made to the highest quality standards, enhanced performance includes more comprehensive weed controlling capability, greater translocation qualities, and rainfastness. Roundup ULTRA MAX is at the forefront of weed control.


Roundup® Agricultural Herbicides Are The Flagship Of Monsanto’s Agricultural Chemicals Business. Roundup Are Broad-spectrum, Non-Selective Herbicides, Which Are Active On Most Species Of Green Plants.

  • Professional grade herbicide
  • Very efficient way of controlling weeds
  • Will not harm soil
  • Dilution rate – 40:1 or 30:1 in badly infested areas
  • 20L

Features of Herbicide Roundup 20l

Roundup Turbo herbicide is a special soluble formulation of glyphosate herbicide (450 g / l glyphosate) containing 25 percent more active ingredient than the regular formulation of Roundup 360. It is a non-selective, non-residual weedkiller. This offers producers advantages in the form of reduced storage and packaging waste. It also regulates annual and perennial grasses, sedges, and most weeds with large leaves.

It has wide potential use in agriculture for complete weed control including horticulture, forestry, viticulture, aquatic and non-crop areas.

Package size: 1 Litre, 12 bottles/Carton


  • Faster detection and manifestations.Absolute long-term weed control rate.
  • More continuity in a broader variety of environmental conditions.
  • The solid formula of 25 percent more glyphosate per liter.
  • Less packaging, storage, and waste than for other types of herbicides.
  • Symptoms grow faster allowing a reduction of the cultivation intervals.
  • Roundup Turbo is compatible with a broad variety of other products.


  • The application is based on a low volume-low pressure theory that results in a reduced risk of non-target crop injury when the herbicide comes in contact.
  • Early weeds are permitted to emerge after tilling, then Roundup Turbo is sprayed at the prescribed dosage rate after the first weed emerges. Crops could be planted 24 hours after spraying (the weeds will have taken up the active ingredient).
  • Knapsack spraying: 1000sq m per 20L.
  • Ground spraying equipment: 70-150L spray solution per ha at low pressure.

Product Specification

Packaging Size20 Lit, 5 Lit
BrandBayer Crop Science
Technical NameGlyphosate 41 Sl
Packaging Type10 Lit
Chemical GroupHerbicide
CropGround Nut, Sugarcane, Soyabean
Target Weed SpeciesAll Narrow AND BROAD Leaves

Prices of Herbicide Roundup 20l

$76.00 – $233.41

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