Hi Hog Cattle Equipment

Hi-Hog’s modular cattle handling system components give you more options. The modular components can be freely combined to create a handling system that fits your individual design requirements. Our experienced design staff have designed hundreds of cattle handling systems. Each system is designed in collaboration with the rancher to solve their individual ranching challenges (This is a free service). You also have the option of designing your own facilities.

Assembled from sturdy and robust materials, these. cattle handling equipment are very strong and durable, guaranteeing you many years of service. The materials and innovative designs make the. cattle handling equipment easy to clean and maintain in hygienic conditions that enhance the health of your animals. Since the. cattle handling equipment incorporate measuring elements, they enable you to give your valued animal the right quantities, without starving them or wasting foods.

Features of Hi Hog Cattle Equipment:

1. Hot-dip galvanization eliminating rust and dramatically increasing fence life.
2. A wide range of specifications.
3. Available for many a application besides horse panel fence.
4. Galvanization after welding.
5. Sturdy welded rod construction.
6. Staple to wood posts or welded to steel posts.
7. No burrs existed.

Specification of Hi Hog Cattle Equipment:

materialpre hot dipped galvanized steel pipe
finishing(zinc coating)more than 15 microns
Height xLength1800mm x 2100mm
vertical pipe50 x 50mm RHS x 1.6mm thickness
40 x 40mm RHS x 1.6mm thickness
horizontal rails30x60mm oval rail x 1.6mm thickness
40x80mm oval rail x 1.6mm thickness
40x120mm oval rail x 1.6mm thickness
(6 oval rails)
WeldingFully welded post brackets
weldsbull bars are fully welded, each weld is protected with epoxy paint

Prices of Hi Hog Cattle Equipment:

$700.00 – $2,000.00

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