The Highland Cattle Crush is designed specifically for the Highland cattle breed. The sides of this unit are only 1100mm high which allows the horns to pass safely over the top. Key Features. YOKE DESCRIPTION. Manually operated scissor yoke with fully retractable yoke arms.

Designed specifically for highland cattle, the sides of this crush are only 1100mm high to allow animals with horns to enter safely. When operated, the yoke lever moves the yoke both upwards and inwards behind the animal’s field of view, whilst the yoke adjusting handle allows for infinite adjustment of the neck aperture between 100 and 290mm.  

Ahead of the yoke, the two-piece wrap around front gates open out in a single operation allowing unobstructed access to the animal’s head.  Hinged side doors allow full access to the animals flanks whilst an angled tread plate floor ensures that feet stay inside the crush.


  • Use of yoke adjusting handle allows infinite adjustment of neck apertures from 100 to 290mm
  • Easy entry as yoke bars retract out of animal’s field of view
  • Yoke bars drop below animals horns for safe entry
  • Operation of yoke lever moves the yoke upwards and inwards behind animals field of view
  • Right hand yoke operation. Left hand yoke operation special build.
  • Heavy-duty head-lock bar incorporating a positive spring loaded catch mechanism
  • Easy adjustable neck yoke widths, which allows easy handling of the animal
  • Complete access to both sides of the animal
  • Ratchet type rump bar operation
  • Pedal release operation 
  • Complete with rear gate and aluminium 5 bar tread-plate floor
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised finish


  • Heavy duty box section frame, tube infill construction
  • Tread plate floor angled both sides keeps animals feet inside crush
  • Two piece wrap around front gates that open in a single operation, allows obstruction free access to animal’s head
  • Sides are 1100mm high to allow animal to pass into crush with horns safely over the top
  • Hinged side doors allowing full access to animal’s flanks. Rear gate
  • Two removable side extension bars. Captive rump bar facility
  • Special lifting frame available
  • Fully galvanised to BSEN ISO 1461
  • 2775mm long x 1300mm wide x 738mm internal width x 1900mm high


$2,145.60 – $5,555.00

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