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Hindustan Tractor This model of Hindustan tractor is the best tractor used for agricultural and cultivation purpose. The Hindustan 60 tractor is the idle tractor for carrying out the ploughing, farming, harvesting and cultivating activities which is another great thing for farmers. The exceptional quality of the tractor and its consistent performance has made it irreplaceable amongst the customers and helped the tractor become a demanded one.

Mahindra 255 DI Power Plus is a 25 HP tractor with powerful twin cylinder fuel efficient engine giving superior performance than a single cylinder tractor. Its high load carrying capacity, best-in-class fuel efficiency and advanced features like Hy-Tech Hydraulics makes it most suitable for haulage operations. It is used to drive heavy implements like rotavator, cultivator and plough. The tractor ensures low cost of ownership due to low maintenance and spares cost. Its easy availability and best resale value makes it the ideal tractor for the farmer.

Features of Hindustan Tractor

Here are some outstanding features and qualities of the Hindustan 60 tractor – 

  • The tractor has a 50 HP engine with 4 cylinders. 
  • The Hindustan 60 tractor comes with a dual-clutch.
  • It has got 8 forward and 2 reverse gearboxes that are easy to access.
  • The tractor has a forward superb speed of 2.9 – 32.3 kmph which makes it fast and speedy amongst the competitor. 
  • This tractor has oil-immersed, easy to handle brakes. 
  • This tractor of the Hindustan brand has smooth power steering.
  • It offers a large fuel tank for carrying out easy operations on the field.
  • The lifting or pulling capacity of this tractor is 1600 kg.
  • The price of Hindustan 60 tractor is Rs 7.80 –  Rs 8.20 Lakhs.

Uses/benefits of Hindustan Tractor:

  • Hindustan 60 comes with Dual clutch.
  • It has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearboxes.
  • Along with this, Hindustan 60 has a superb 2.9 -32.3kmph forward speed.
  • Hindustan 60 manufactured with Oil Immersed Brakes.
  • Hindustan 60 steering type is smooth Power Steering Steering.
  • It offers litre large fuel tank capacity for long hours on farms.
  • And Hindustan 60 has 1600 Kg strong Lifting capacity.


Type4*2 Wheeled half rack belt drive,hydraulic lifting
Rated Traction1800N
Tread of front wheel1050/1250mm
Tread of rear wheel850/1200mm
Minimum Ground clearance200mm
Turning radius2-2.2m

Prices of Hindustan Tractor

$500.00  – $43, 500.00

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