Using equipment from the late 1800s and early 1900s, the Calvins “thrash” wheat, winnow grain and grind it into flour, and bale straw – almost all with horses. They use a pair of horses, not a team: The two animals are never harnessed together to work as a team. One works the treadmill for the threshing machine while one rests. When it’s time to bale, the other operates the “power” for the hay press. The only concession the family makes to the internal combustion engine is a 1-cylinder McCormick hit-and-miss engine used to power the burr mill.

The thresher had its beginnings in Europe as the Industrial Revolution spread to agriculture. American-made threshers began to come on the scene in the 1830s. Before the close of the century, steam power ruled the threshing world. Some of us who grew up in the 20th century are familiar with the big threshing machine powered by a steam traction engine or a gas tractor. Both are large machines and are frequently demonstrated at antique farm equipment shows. Few shows feature the novelty of horse-powered threshing equipment in action. The Calvins’ thresher is a unique machine that does nothing more than thresh the grain. It does a fair job of separating straw from grain but it does not winnow the chaff, dirt and short straws from the grain. Instead, grain and debris are simply dropped on a canvas beneath the thresher. The accumulated grain, chaff and bits of straw must be cleaned before it can be used.

Uses/benefits of Horse Powered Threshing Machine

1.CE approval of 100% copper motor.

2.1.5 years of guarantte.

3.We have full line of agriculture machines like grinder machine,mixer machine,pellet machine,snack extruder machine,packing machine to meet different requirement of customers.If you are interested in other machines,

Features of Horse Powered Threshing Machine

1.5TD series of Multi Mini Purpose Paddy Rice And Wheat Maize Soybean Bean Corn Grain Power Thresher Machines used for corn, millet, sorghum, soybeans, small bean threshing, can choose 220v or 380v , and it’s voltage is  single-phase power.

3.Equipment  with a motor, but you also can use the diesel engine as a matching power.

4.The machine has a wide using range, convenient and safe, high productivity, low broken rate, low loss rate, low impurity rate etc.


Motor power2.7kw -3.0kw(single phase)3.0kw -4.5kw(single phase)
Rolling speed900-1000r/min900-1000r/min
production capacity 800-4000kg/h(corn)800-1000kg/h(sorghum)700-900kg/h(millet)800-1000kg/h(bean)4000-6400kg/h(corn)
Net off rate≤0.3%≤0.3%
Total loss rate≤3%≤3%
Mixed rate≤1.5%≤1.5%

Prices of Horse Powered Threshing Machine


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