Horse X Ray Machine

High-quality X-ray images are no longer a problem for portable Monoblock X-ray units. The state-of-the-art high-frequency technology offers high performance in miniature format using only a standard power connection (220V/110V). Its low weight, user-friendly operation and the integrated interface for using the X-ray unit with a digital system enable various fields of application in small animal practices and equine clinics.

Diagnostic Imaging Systems, Inc. (DIS) has been a trusted source for digital x-ray equipment, portable x-ray units, ultrasound systems, and mobile veterinary x-ray tables and accessories for over 35 years. Our customer service and engineering expertise in digital x-ray equipment are unmatched. And our equipment is specifically designed to meet your companion animal or equine practice needs. We guarantee that between price, warranty, and service, the value you receive won’t be beat.


Compact, lightweight, battery-operated X-ray unit Amadeo P-100/35HB (approx. 14 kg including battery), high powered rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, 3000 mAs power output without recharging, no external power sources required to produce X-ray images, state-of-the-art microprocessor controls, PROM memory, battery status indicator,  mAs energy level display and dual laser collimator

Features of Horse X Ray Machine

  • Offers an atlas of normal and clinical images, as well as a comprehensive guide to techniques, equipment, positioning, and interpretation for general veterinary practitioners and specialists in imaging and orthopaedics
  • Updates to this fourth edition fully reflect the move to digital imaging with many new figures in the book and major revisions to the chapters on the head, thorax, and abdomen
  • Contains expanded coverage of the foot, pastern, and fetlock (now in separate chapters) 
  • Includes a password-protected website with all the images from the book as well as over 200 additional images with examples of more subtle lesions, more fractures, correct technique and positioning versus incorrect, immature horses, progression of disease, and pathological images
  •  High frequency inverter technology is adopted to produce,output high pressure is stable,good image quality can be obtained;
  •  The compact design makes it easy to carry out work in different areas and locations;
  •  With three exposure control methods:Tekecontrol/hand brake/Interface button
  •  Fault self-diagnosis,self-protection
  •  With flexible digital interface,offer SDK protocol,users can control the core programming deeply and can be suitable for different DR detectors


Maximum output power /Power Capacity5.0kW /100kV@50mA ,  3.5kW/70kV@50mA
mAs range / Exposure time range0.32-315mAs /0.01-6.3s ,  0.32-200mAs/ 0.01-4s
Inverter modePWM(Pulse width modulation)
Host size370mm ×260mm×230mm

Prices of Horse X Ray Machine

$2,000.00-$4,800.00/ Set

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