Rabbits are amazing creatures, and when they become pregnant, it can be a joyous occasion. However, if you’re not sure whether or not your rabbit is pregnant, there are some signs to look for.

One way to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is by looking at her abdomen. Typically, when a rabbit is pregnant, she will start to show outward signs that she’s carrying babies inside her womb. This includes swollen nipples and an enlarged belly.

Another thing that you can look out for when it comes to determining if your rabbit is pregnant is by paying attention to her behavior. You may notice that she seems more lethargic than usual or that she has stopped eating altogether. There could also be other behavioral changes such as increased aggression towards other rabbits or humans alike.

How Do You Know If A Rabbit Is Pregnant

When rabbits are pregnant, they are more aggressive than usual. They will growl and bite, and they may not want to be handled. This is normal, and your rabbit will return to its normal behavior soon. Here are some signs that you should look for.

Hair pulling

If you are not sure whether your rabbit is pregnant, you can try to determine if she’s pregnant by examining her fur. Hair pulling in rabbits can be caused by tangled fur mats, which are especially common in long-haired rabbits. To prevent mats from forming, regularly groom your rabbit. A rubber brush works best for this. You can also use a cat-style groomer, such as the Zoom Groom.

Hair pulling is common in rabbits, and it is a sign that a female rabbit is preparing to conceive. The pull may be in one part of the rabbit’s body or throughout. The hair will be loose but will not look raw. It will usually occur during a pregnant rabbit’s 31-day gestation period. If you notice your rabbit pulling its fur, she’s likely preparing to give birth within a few days.

The hair will likely be loose in places you can see, such as its belly and haunches. This will make it easier for the rabbit to construct a nest. During this time, your rabbit will also be shedding a lot of furs. This will indicate that she’s in the final stages of pregnancy. This will begin the nest-building process, which will be followed by the birthing of the baby.

Hair pulling can also be a sign of pseudopregnancy. Pseudopregnancies are very common in rabbits and are caused by the mounting of other does or the presence of bucks. During this time, the uterus will grow and a doe may look like a pregnant rabbit. Her behavior will also be similar to that of a normal pregnant rabbit.

Nest building

When a rabbit is pregnant, she will likely be a lot moodier than usual. Although this is not a surefire indicator of pregnancy, unusual mood swings are one of the first signs of pregnancy. Another early sign is increased aggression. A normally affectionate rabbit may suddenly start attacking other rabbits or people.

The best way to determine if your rabbit is pregnant is to feel around her abdomen. She should have a full, firm abdomen. She should also have small feet extending outside her belly. Don’t push her up too far or apply pressure. She may also have fecal matter on her belly.

Another sign that a rabbit is pregnant is increased maternal behavior. If the pregnant rabbit is not able to take care of herself, she might become aggressive. In addition, she may need to be fed more often. While this is normal, it’s important to keep an eye on your rabbit to ensure a successful pregnancy.

Another sign that a rabbit is pregnant is a nest in her cage. This nest should be placed near a male rabbit. If this does not occur, she may be aggressive toward the male rabbit. A pregnant rabbit might also start digging up the corners of her enclosure. If you’re unsure of whether your rabbit is pregnant, you can always take it to a vet to get an X-ray.

A pregnant rabbit will have a full belly and pronounced mammary glands. It will also eat more hay and pellets. It will also become moody, aggressive, and mean. It will likely gain about half a pound in the second and third weeks. It will also become territorial, and may regularly bite.

Bigger throat fat

One way to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is to feel the dewlap. The dewlap is a naturally fatty area on your rabbit’s throat. You should also feel its spine, hip bones, and ribs to make sure the rabbit is not obese. If your rabbit is overweight, a visit to the veterinarian will confirm the diagnosis and suggest a weight-loss plan. However, be aware that a lot of female rabbits have an overly prominent dewlap. Although this is not always an indication of pregnancy, it is a practical consideration for rabbit owners.

More water consumption

There are some signs that indicate a doe is pregnant. During the first month, she will tend to drink more water. She will also recognize her owner’s scent. This behavior is not unusual in rabbits, but you should be aware of false pregnancies as well. This may result in weight gain or behavioral changes.

Excessive thirst in a rabbit can be a sign of other conditions, such as heat, increased activity, or acute dehydration. Your rabbit may also be getting its water through other means, such as visiting feeding stations of other pets or eating high-moisture food.

Another way to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is to look for signs of labor. A couple of weeks before the due date, she will begin digging corners of her cage. This is her natural instinct to make a nest. If you notice any signs of pregnancy in your rabbit, make an appointment with your veterinarian to find out if she is pregnant.

Pregnant rabbits will drink more water than usual, so make sure that your pet has a clean water bowl close by at all times. Additionally, pregnant rabbits will build nests using bits of grass or hay, as well as bits of their own fur. If possible, try to provide your rabbit with a larger cage for the new baby.

If you notice your rabbit drinking more water, you should visit a veterinarian to make sure the animal is not suffering from kidney problems. You should also look out for increased urine output, which should be around 120-130 ml/kg per day. If your rabbit has an infection, it may also drink more water to relieve the pain.


One of the best ways to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is by their crankiness and nesting habits. Your rabbit will be extra cranky and eat a lot during this time. They will also be very moody and avoid handling humans. While this may be very worrying for you, it’s an easy way to tell if your rabbit is expecting.

A pregnant rabbit will begin to act cranky and aggressive. They will growl at you, and may even bite you. This behavior will pass and your rabbit will resume its usual behavior soon after giving birth to its babies. To avoid this behavior, you can provide your bunny with consistent amounts of hay.

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy in a rabbit is her belly growing larger. This will increase her body weight, and you should keep a close eye on your rabbit to make sure the rabbit is not overweight. Other signs to look for include aggression and unfriendly behavior.

Another way to tell if your rabbit is pregnant is to examine her abdomen. You can do this by examining her belly with your hands. First, place your right hand under her tummy. Then, use four fingers and your thumb to explore the area around her tummy. Gently lift the back legs and slide your hand along the abdomen. If you find a soft grape-sized lump, your rabbit is likely pregnant.

Crankiness can also indicate that your rabbit is pregnant. Make sure you give her a nutritious and safe environment. Don’t forget to remove all predators and noise sources. Rabbits aren’t typically pregnant for more than a month. However, routine exams can help you keep your bunny happy, healthy, and able to have offspring.

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