Interestingly, goldfish are either diurnal or nocturnal. So, not all fish in your aquarium would naturally sleep at the same time. In fact, some fish may want to sleep at night while others would prefer a daytime nap. However, the sleep schedule of your goldfish depends mostly on environmental conditions. Typically, goldfish need a calm and dark environment to sleep. Hence, if you can control the sounds and lights in your goldfish tank, you can make your fish sleep anytime you want. Ideally, you should train them to sleep at night. That way, keeping the surroundings quiet isn’t a problem. So, all you now need is to turn off the aquarium lights, preferably at a fixed time every night. Remember, your goldfish needs 12 hours of darkness and calmness every day.

A “sleeping” goldfish isn’t truly asleep. Instead of going through stages of light and deep sleep cycles and losing consciousness like a mammal, goldfish rest while remaining peripherally aware of their surroundings. They take several short cat naps (with their eyes open) during a period of rest instead of sleeping for a long stretch!

Unlike people, goldfish do not lie down when they sleep. Rather, they become less active, staying in one place and moving slowly to keep themselves stable. They look like they are hovering in the tank or pond, usually low in the water, an inch or so off the bottom, with their heads pointed slightly downward. Their color may fade a bit while they are sleeping and will return to normal when they are awake. They change color as a safety measure to hide themselves from predators when they sleep. Finally, goldfishes’ brainwaves don’t change when they sleep, and goldfish don’t enter into periods of deep, REM sleep, as people do.

Could Goldfish Need Some Sleep?

For starters, goldfish are quite intelligent and have excellent eyesight. They quickly tell between their owners and strangers and which is pretty cute – don’t you agree? Goldfish move closer to those that feed them and will grow excited on spotting them.

The cute little fish has problem-solving capabilities. And believe it or not, they have a longer attention span than we humans, yes we humans. As you are probably aware, all intelligent animals need some rest to recoup their energy – and their thoughts, probably.

Goldfish have no eyelids and so does not close its eyes the same way we do. But that does not mean they don’t rest. They take naps at particular times of the day and sleep when darkness sets in.

And How Do You Know They Are Sleeping?

You will often catch goldfish in an unusual position where they sometimes tilt their body downwards and swim around slowly. This is the best indication they are sleeping.

The goldfish will also have low fin activity when they are taking a nap. They will hover about an inch from the bottom and are less active. Some people may think that the fish is down with some illness especially when they notice some color changes.

How Long Do Goldfish Sleep?

First of all, know that not all goldfish need the same amount of sleep. In fact, their sleep requirement varies across species and depends on multiple factors. For instance, some goldfish sleep all through the night while others are happy with an afternoon slumber. However, goldfish need to stay in the dark for around 12 hours every day. That way, they could at least sleep at night if they’d like to

How Do Goldfish Sleep?

Goldfish do not have a dedicated bed to sleep in, nor do they lie down when sleeping. Instead, goldfish become inactive and will hover in one area of the tank. Their fins will move to keep them stable in a certain position and their gills will move. A goldfish may decide to sleep near the surface, under a decoration, or even low on the ground. Their head will hang lower than the body.

When Do Goldfish Sleep?

Goldfish like to sleep when there is dark and quiet. Goldfish usually sleep at night when there is dark and quiet. So you should turn off the light at night when you go to sleep this way your Goldfish can also sleep at night. Also, you should make sure that you are not keeping your aquarium lights on more than 12 hours a day.

Do Goldfish Sleep At The Bottom Of The Tank?

As mentioned earlier, goldfish hover about an inch from the bottom of the tank. They do not ultimately touch the aquarium floor much as we do with our beds. Goldfish may seem to love hiding behind the bottom aquarium rocks, but this is necessary to ensure they are not vulnerable – some do, and it is not entirely a bad thing.

They maintain small movements for stability and to capture some air in the water. Goldfish need to move and flap their fins adequately even when asleep to breath – even your nose and lungs do not go to sleep when your whole body does.

Do Goldfish Enter The Stage Of Deep Sleep?

Typically, we humans experience four stages of sleep. In comparison, goldfish experience only two stages of sleep. Suffice to say, goldfish usually experience light sleep but do not enter into a deep sleep. So, deep sleep generally starts from the third phase and continues until the rapid eye movement (REM) phase. At this stage, humans create memories and heal their bodies and mind. However, studies show that a goldfish’s brainwaves do not change when they sleep. Clearly, goldfish do not enter the stage of deep sleep like we humans do.

How Many Hours Of Sleep?

The goldfish are much like people when it comes to sleep needs. They require about 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep to build their immunity and rest for the next day ahead – yes, they have a busy schedule swimming around and making you happy.

And if you are always on the move, a timer will be necessary to automatically switch the lights off when it’s finally night time. This will ensure they are getting the required hours of sleep even when you are miles away.

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