In recent years, ever-smaller dogs have seen a huge boom in popularity due to their status as the perfect “purse dogs”. As a result, small breeds like Mini Aussies are being bred to be even smaller, creating variations such as the Toy Aussie and the even smaller Teacup Aussie. Whilst neither are recognized breeds in their own right; they do have distinct size differences to standard and Miniature Aussies.

It is not known where the first breed appeared as this dogs History is still unfolding! The Toy Australian Shepherd originates from Mini and Standard Australian Shepherds and is bred in the United States. Reportedly, the breed had no uniformity in appearance until 30 years ago.

The Australian shepherd originated in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. Basque farmers introduced the dogs to Australia when they immigrated there. They brought the dogs with them when they came to the United States during the 1849 California gold rush. The breed was further developed in the Southwest — bred for speed, herding ability and endurance. During the 1950s Aussies gained popularity as they became frequent stars in rodeo performances.

Appearance Of A Toy Australian Shepherds

The average Toy Aussie is around 10-14 inches tall and weighs between 12-17 lbs depending on the gender of the dog. They are athletically built with beautiful collie-like faces and triangular ears. They also have Collie-like coats with neck roughs and feathery back ends, legs, and tails.  

Aussie coats are medium in length and their fur can be straight or wavy. Their coats can be blue merle, red merle, a combination of black and white, brown and white, or tri-colored, meaning black, white, and brown, or tri-colored merle. Merle coats are the most common among the breed. Solid or “one color” Aussies can also be found in black or red, but they’re extremely rare! 

What Is A Toy Australian Shepherd?

Toy Australian Shepherds are adorable, energetic, and intelligent dog breeds that possess most of the Standard Australian Shepherd qualities in a smaller package. They originate from Mini and Standard Australian Shepherds and are mostly bred in the United States.

Do Toy Aussies Make Good Family Dogs?

Toy Aussies love family life and make brilliant family dogs. They like to be involved in all aspects of family life and make great playmates for children. Aussies should also get on well with other family dogs and pets.

That said, they are a little snappy during puppyhood, more so than other breeds because of their herding instincts. So, Toy Aussie pups may not be ideal for families with little children. All children should be taught the importance of gentleness and kindness towards animals; no shouting, teasing or pulling on whiskers and fur. 

Children should also be taught how to approach dogs for their own safety. For example, always let unfamiliar dogs come to you, and never to approach an unfamiliar dog when they are eating. Family dogs should also not be approached when they are eating unless you have a strong bond. Even then, some dogs never grow out of resource guarding behaviors.

Are Toy Australian Shepherds Noisy?

All shepherd breeds are known to be vocal because of their working background. And Aussie dogs are no exception! However, growling and barking are not necessarily bad behaviors. Aussies just like to express themselves vocally, particularly when they are having fun. 

You shouldn’t necessarily tell an Aussie off for growling or barking a little bit during play, as they are just telling you that they are having fun. However, if it becomes excessive, you can train them to stop barking by stopping the game whenever they start. This way, they learn that the fun stops when they start barking. Excessive barking outside of play can also be a sign of boredom and loneliness, something Aussies are prone to.

Are Toy Australian Shepherds Healthy Dogs?

Toy Australian Shepherds are not just one of the smartest dogs, but also one of the healthiest dog breeds. However, they have specific health issues, which is even more complicated as a result of inbreeding.

Are Toy Aussies Hyperactive?

Toy Aussies, like all shepherd breeds, are well known for their abundant energy. They are naturally hyperactive because of the work that they were bred to do and often remain active well into old age. But – don’t let that scare you off! A high-energy dog is not a bad thing, as long as you can meet their needs. 

It is essential that prospective owners can meet their exercise needs as an underworked Aussie can become bored and badly behaved. For the right owners and families, however, these dogs make the best companions and are loads and loads of fun. 

How Much Does A Toy Australian Shepherd Weigh?

The Australian Shepherd measures between 18 and 23 inches at the shoulders, females being 18 to 21 inches and males being 20 to 23 inches. The Mini Aussie measures between 14 and 18 inches at the shoulders and usually weighs between 20 and 35 lbs. The ideal size being around 12 inches, dogs or bitches below 10 inches will be disqualified. Any dog or bitch that is 14 inches will be considered a Miniature.

When Is A Mini Australian Shepherd Fully Grown? 

Because this is not a large dog breed, Mini Australian Shepherd’s reach their fully grown size at a younger age than larger breeds do. While they could still gain weight up to about a year and a half old, they generally will reach their adult size around 9 months old, though they could still grow ever so slightly after that.

Even if your Mini Australian Shepherd has reached his final size, remember that he is still a puppy and will still exhibit puppy-like behaviours. They still have other development to do that goes beyond their physical size.

Do They Have A Strong Prey Drive?

These dogs can tend to have a moderate to high Prey drive. It’s best to keep these dogs on a leash when outdoors.

Are They Social With Other People?

These dogs are sometimes shy around strangers. Socializing them as puppies can help lessen this behavior. In general they bond very closely with other people.

How Big Do Mini Australian Shepherds Get? 

If you are wondering who big your Mini Australian Shepherd will get, the simple answer is that on average, Mini Australian Shepherds weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. They are a small to medium breed, and smaller than their Australian Shepherd cousin. There is not a size difference between males and females of this breed.

Regardless, the weight between dogs can vary dramatically in this breed. One dog might weigh only 20 pounds, or even one that weighs 60 pounds. To know where your dog will be, look at his paws to see how much growing he has to do. If you know how big his parents were that is a good clue as well, though you could also have a DNA test done.

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