Every quest has a mission and an expectation, without an expectation, morale will go down and resources will dry out. So, it is almost important as a poultry farmer to have an expected weight of your broiler chickens as they age, this will not only raise your morale and enthusiasm but will as well lead to better welfare for your broiler chickens to attain the much desire weight- You will be focused with a target and with a better management

All broiler farmers want their broiler chickens to be big while they earn optimal profits from the birds. To achieve this, it is important to know the right or expected quantity of feed to give broiler chickens which usually comes as a broiler feed consumption chart. This is required to avoid wastage or overfeeding as well as allow the farmers to plan how to buy or produce feeds for the chickens.

This time when he called, he was trying to know if he was on track, and I am glad that he was doing excellently well. He already had birds that weigh 1.5 KG in 26 days. Of course, I was not expecting any less because he was using the broiler feed formula he purchased from me. Using recommended growth chart, I will be showing you the expected weight of broiler chickens per week and how to make broilers grow fast. This will help you meet your target market weight without using harmful feed materials.

How Is FCR Calculated In Poultry?    

   The feed conversion ratio (FCR) is defined as the amount of feed needed to increase the animal’s body weight by one kilogram.   The FCR can be calculated by taking the total amount of feed consumed by the chicken and dividing it by the amount of weight gained or the number of eggs produced.

That is input divided by output. For your broiler production, an FCR of 1.5 means that your broiler chickens gain 1 kilogram of weight for every 1.5 kilograms of feed consumed. The lower the FCR, the more efficient your broiler chickens are at converting feed into meat.

Therefore to calculate FCR for the first week we use

FCR= Cumulative feed intake/weight gain = 150/130 = 1.15

That is 1.15-kilogram feed is needed to gain 1 kilogram of weight.

What Should A Broiler Chicken Weigh?

Now let’s get super serious. “If you don’t know where you are going, everywhere would look like it” You are probably familiar with that saying. The same is applicable to weight of broiler chickens per week. If you don’t know what you should expect, then you might just think you are getting good result. When, in fact, you are so behind.

And to talk about what to expect the weight of your chicken to be in a certain time, we need to consider the breed potential. Let me inform you that the figures you are about to see is not something that I just came up with. It is based on experiments and experience over time.

What Is The Weight Of Broiler Chicken Per Day?

  In general, broiler weight 40 g at hatch  From the chart, at week 1, an average daily weight gain is 18.57g 

Therefore, the weight of a broiler chicken per day for the first week is (40g + 18.57 = 58.57g)   58.57g

How Much Feed Will My Broiler Chicken Eat To Maturity?

This is one of the reasons for the two charts above. Interestingly, you can just look into the chart for weight of broiler chickens per week to answer. For example, a male broiler will eat 9.397 grams of feed for 9 weeks to give 4.557 live weight. The same calculation can be done to know how many bags of feed for 100 broilers.

How Much Feed Do I Need For Four Weeks?

According to the chart, a Male broiler should consume about 2.018 KG of feed in 4 weeks. This means that if you have hundred day old chicks, they will consume a little over 200 KG (8 bags) of feed in four weeks. By this calculation, they will also consume less than 950 KG over a 9-weeks rearing period.

How Many Bags Of Feed For 100 Broilers?

Yes! One could also ask to know how many bags of feed for 100 broilers or more. This can be determined from the broiler weight/growth chart with just a simple calculation. First, specify the number of weeks you want to use to raise the broilers. Then look at the chart and check the cumulative feed consumption for that week. Because each value is for one broiler, you will have to multiply the value of cumulative consumption for that week by the number of birds. In this case, 100 broilers. If you are looking at 8 weeks for example, it will be 7.741 X 100 = 774.1 KG of feed.

This is how to know how many bags of feeds for 100 broilers or any number of broiler chickens at all.

What Is The Weight Of The Broiler At 4 Weeks? 

 From the chart above, a male and female broiler chicken should attain the average weight of 1.410kg (1410g) and 1.250kg (1250g) respectively

What Is The Weight Of The Broiler At 6 Weeks?

From the chart above, a male and female broiler chicken should attain the average weight of 2.700kg (2700g) and 2.300kg (2300g) respectively

How Many Kgs Of Feed Will A Broiler Consume In 8 Weeks? 

A male broiler chicken will consume about 7.4kg and weigh 3.9kg, and

A female broiler chicken will consume about 6.8kg and weigh 3.3kg at 8 weeks

Do Broilers Need Light At Night?

Broiler needs light at night for optimal growth and weight gain. They should be fed al-libidum-that is you should feed them both day and night with plenty of water, especially for the first few weeks.

How To Make Broilers Grow Fast

If you want to know how to make broilers grow fast, you might want to consider reading the post above. However, you need to do the following to achieve fast growth as a broiler farmer:

  • Feed adlib
  • Prevent diseases
  • Avoid heat stress
  • Use Natural growth promoters
  • Supply cool water at all times
  • Provide adequate ventilation
  • Treat diseases as soon as spotted
  • Go organic if you can

What Helps Broiler Gain Weight Fast?   

A broiler chicken will grow and gain weight fast when it has good welfare and its genetic potential is a harness, like taking advantage of the first 7-day of a chick’s life, sort and spacing the birds, using natural growth promoters, well-formulated feed, and plenty of water, etc. 

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