If you have been shopping for a Yorkshire terrier, also called a Yorkie, then you may have seen the terms “toy” and “teacup” used to describe the size that puppies will mature to. It is important that you know what you are looking for specifically when you go shopping for a Yorkie puppy because some of the terminology used to describe these dogs can be misleading or inaccurate.

The Teacup Yorkie is a tiny teacup toy breed version of a Yorkshire Terrier. Don’t be fooled by their baby stature, these micro Teacup Yorkie mischief-makers are confident and bold – these toy Yorkies can be a dog lovers handful.

Teacup Yorkie is a smaller version of the same pure breed Yorkie, also known as Toy Yorkie or Micro Yorkshire Terrier. It’s a tiny dog breed at about 5 to 7 inches tall, weighing between 2 to 4 pounds. The average lifespan of the Teacup Yorkie is around 12 years.

How Big Is The Mini Yorkie?

These miniature (mini Yorkie) dogs only weigh around 2-3 pounds when fully grown (usually between 12-18 months of age), compared to the standard Yorkshire Terrier, which is between 4-7 pounds. If you’re not very familiar with Yorkies (or other dogs belonging in the toy group), then you might be surprised to learn that Yorkshire Terriers do not have a “teacup” classification, although many unskilled—and usually unethical—breeders would have you believe otherwise.

What Does A Teacup Yorkie Weigh?

First things first, there isn’t an official definition for Teacup Yorkies. However, breeders strive to produce pups that’ll weigh no more than 4 lbs (1.8 kg) once they reach their full ‘adult’ weight after a year.

This is considerably less than standard Yorkshire Terriers. On average, these weigh 7 lbs (3.1 kg); making the size difference between the two fairly substantial.

How Do Breeders Produce Such Small Dogs?

It’s hardly surprising that dogs of such a small size suffer a multitude of medical complications. When it comes to breeding teacup-sized dogs of any breed, there are no guarantees. Occasionally these occur naturally.

However, more often than not breeders intentionally breed using two undersized dogs to produce a smaller sized litter. Naturally, this is a risky business for both the mother and her pups. It’s unlikely the mother can bear more than two puppies at a time, and even that can be dangerous for her.

How Long Do Teacup Yorkies Live?

When you’re getting a dog as a companion, you have to consider how long they will live. The average lifespan varies for every dog breed. For Teacup Yorkies, the standard lifetime is around 7 to 10 years. However, your Miniature Yorkie may live as long as 12 or even 14 years. The shortest lifespan for this dog is three years, but the specifics depend on genetic factors.

How Big Is A Full Grown Teacup Yorkie?

Teacup Yorkies, just as the name implies, are a miniature version of Yorkshire Terriers. They are popular among pet owners who are fond of small dogs or the so-called “toy” breed due to their cuteness.

Since teacups are very small, they can easily fit in your hand or a very small dog bag. These canines barely grow over 7 inches! Many Teacup Yorkies are only 5 to 7 inches tall, which makes them so easy to place in your palm! Some owners would even spend a fortune on grooming these little pooches so that they look like teddy bears.

Unlike the Biewer and the Parti Yorkie that have some genetic differences from the traditional Yorkie, the Teacup Yorkies are precisely the traditional Yorkie, but a smaller version of it. Breeders usually undergo selective breeding among the smallest of Yorkies to achieve this small body size. Often, their tails are also docked to complement their cuteness.

Why Do Teacup Yorkies (mini Yorkies) Require Special Care?

Now that we’ve established that Teacup Yorkies are fragile and need extra care, it’s important to understand what you can do to help them. When you bring your tiny dog home, you can’t leave them alone in an open and unusual space. The Teacup Yorkie will quickly become overwhelmed and anxious. Unsure of what to do or how to proceed, they will start barking incessantly.

Are Teacup Yorkies Healthy Dogs?

Sadly, Teacup Yorkies are prone to all sorts of health conditions, so you need to swot up and do your research. The quicker you can identify their symptoms, the better. So here are a few ailments associated with this breed:

Hypoglycemia: this is just a fancy term for low blood sugar levels. If your pup is between 8 and 16 weeks old; it’s particularly prevalent. Sadly, this ailment can cause seizures, and in the worst case scenario, death. If you think your Teacup Yorkie is suffering from this, call a vet immediately.

Where To Get A Teacup Yorkie?

The best age to buy a pup is around 6 months; this is usually the safest time to bring a Teacup Yorkie home. By this stage, it’s easier to tell how well the pup’s growing and whether it’s suffering from any health issues.

Teacup Yorkies are typically more expensive than standard Yorkshire Terriers. If you’re thinking of buying one, the average teacup Yorkie costs anywhere between $1,200 and $2,000. Two factors usually influence the price:

  1. The reputation of the breeder.
  2. The quality of the pup’s health papers.

How Do You Groom A Teacup Yorkie?

One of the things Yorkshire Terriers are most famous for is their gorgeous hair. Long, silky, wavy and soft, Yorkie hair is often compared to human hair for it’s amazing texture.

If left to grow out, Yorkie hair can grow all the way to floor length. However, in that case, the Yorkie will need to be brushed daily and his hair should be put up in a hair tie at his forehead to keep long strands out of his eyes.

Because long hair on a Yorkie can take quite a lot to maintain, many Yorkie owners opt to cut their Yorkie’s hair short in what is known as a puppy cut.

This haircut is much easier to maintain and is super cute to boot! Still, even with a puppy cut, your Teacup Yorkie should be brushed at least twice a week and bathed at least once a week with a high quality dog shampoo that won’t strip his skin of the natural oils it produces that help to keep that lovely hair healthy.

Like many small dogs, Yorkshire Terriers and Teacup Yorkies are prone to dental issues and many senior Yorkies end up having their teeth removed to keep them from becoming sick.

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