Despite their fancy looks, the Poodle is a superb athlete with above-average intelligence that ranks in the American Kennel Club’s top ten most popular dog breeds. Poodles were originally bred in Germany as water retriever dogs. Their famously flamboyant coat had a practical purpose in protecting vital areas from the frigid cold water, keeping them warm and giving them freedom of movement to swim. They are highly versatile dogs that are happy as athletes or companions. If you’re the lucky pet parent of one of these intelligent, proud dogs, you may be asking yourself how large will my Poodle grow and when will they stop growing?

All puppies are unique, so please keep in mind that the following numbers are all estimates. There is a sizable difference in weight between male and female Poodles, but they tend to be around the same height. If you notice your Poodle puppy is significantly behind or ahead of the following numbers, consult with your veterinarian about their individual growth rate.

Poodles come in all shapes and sizes; there’s the Standard, the Miniature, and the Toy Poodle. They are all fairly similar in temperament, but there are some differences between the 3 breeds. In fact, the American Kennel Club (AKC) lists each Poodle separately, but they are all technically the same breed. Both the Standard and the Miniature belong in the Non-Sporting Group, and not surprisingly, the Toy Poodle is found in the Toy Group. The Poodle is listed as the 7th most popular dog out of the 196 breeds acknowledged by the AKC.

General Features of A Medium Poodle

  • If you spoil your Poodle and don’t train him, he’s likely to conclude that he’s the alpha dog of the family. This is especially common among the smaller varieties — Miniature and Toy Poodles — who are more likely to be coddled and untrained. Teach your dog good canine manners, and then insist that he use them; it shows him that you’re the leader of the pack.
  • Because of their intelligence and playful nature, obedience training is essential to keep your Poodle’s mind active. A Poodle who is thinking and learning isn’t bored, and therefore won’t find destructive ways to occupy himself.
  • The Poodle coat needs a lot of upkeep to stay beautiful and healthy. Most Poodle owners take their dogs to a professional groomer every three to six weeks. If you want to save money on grooming expenses, you can learn to do it yourself, but it takes time and effort.
  • Poodles have weepy eyes that can stain the surrounding hair. To cut down on stains, gently wipe down the face daily with an alcohol-free pet wipe or washcloth dipped in warm water.
  • To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Look for a reputable breeder who tests her breeding dogs to make sure they’re free of genetic diseases that they might pass onto the puppies, and that they have sound temperaments.

How Big Should A 6-Month-Old Poodle Be?

A six-month-old male Poodle will weigh around 41 to 48 pounds, while a six-month-old female Poodle will weigh about 28 to 34 pounds. Both male and female Poodles at this age stand at around 18 to 22 inches tall, which for some Poodles is already their full adult height.

How Much Bigger Will My Poodle Get?

There are a few ways to assess how much bigger your Poodle will get. The first is age. If your Poodle is less than a year old, they still have significant growth left! If your Poodle is between one and two years old, they are likely still filling out a bit, but are probably at their adult height.

What Is The Size Of A Full-Grown Poodle?

According to the American Kennel Club Official Poodle Standards, an adult male Poodle is 60 to 70 pounds while an adult female Poodle weighs between 40 and 50 pounds. By these standards, full-grown Poodles will be over 15 inches tall when measuring from the ground to the highest point of their shoulders while standing. Most Standard Poodles will stand between 18 and 24 inches tall.

Is A Medium Poodle The Dog Of Your Dreams?

Medium Poodles are easy-going companions for families with or without children or for singletons young and old who like to spend time with their pet. They don’t like to stay on their own for a long time, since they love being close to the pack. Since Medium Poodles don’t moult, they are often recommended to allergy sufferers. However, living with a poodle isn’t completely straightforward for them. Family members who suffer from allergies should take their doctor’s advice and further observe if they suffer allergic reactions in the breeder’s home. Before a Medium Poodle enters your home, you should also plan what to do when you go on holiday or should you fall ill. As Medium Poodles love their family’s company and can also be taken everywhere, holidaying with your pet might be an option for you. You should carry out advance research into possible travel destinations and dog-friendly hotels. Regardless of whether this Medium Poodle is your first dog or not, a good dog school is always of benefit when it comes to socialising and training your new family member. You should ideally look for a dog school that appeals to you before your puppy arrives.

When Do Poodles Stop Growing?

Each poodle type takes a different time to stop growing. The larger poodles take a longer time to reach their full weight and height. Therefore, standard poodles will take a longer time to reach their full size than toy poodles.

Usually, toy poodles finish growing in height somewhere between 6 and 7 months of age. Some miniature poodles can take up to 12 months to finish growing, while others take between 6 to 7 months to finish growing. Standard poodles take around 2 years to finish growing.

How Long Are Poodles Pregnant?

If you own a poodle female, knowing the signs will help you assist her to have a successful pregnancy and process of birth. Poodles are pregnant for around 63 days and as the fetus grows, poodles go through the different stages of gestation.

When your poodle is pregnant, her nipples and stomach will enlarge as early as two weeks and she will seem more tired than usual. Behavioral signs that show your poodle is pregnant include possessiveness, lethargy, and showing maternal behaviors over toys.

The more obvious physical signs of pregnancy will start showing as from four weeks.

How Many Puppies Do Poodles Have?

Compared to their poodle counterparts, toy poodles have the smallest litter size. On average, they have three puppies in one litter. This depends on the mother and breeding circumstances. Most toys have only one puppy and though rare, a few may have up to five puppies.

Miniature poodles have a typical litter size and on average they have five puppies. The number can be influenced by circumstances. Standard poodles are bigger dogs—hence, they have larger litter sizes. On average, they can have seven puppies in one litter.

When looking to adopt a poodle puppy, find a reputable breeder and book in advance as they are in demand, and as the toy poodles, they can be small.

What If My Poodle Is Not the Right Weight?

Ensuring that your poodle has the right weight is very essential to avoid them being overweight or underweight, which can play an important role in their health.

It is important to make changes if your poodle is overweight so that they can regain their health. If you cannot feel your puppy’s ribs or notice that they have difficulty breathing when walking, then they could be overweight.

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