How Much Should My Springer Spaniel Puppy Weigh

Springer spaniel puppies are such sweet little creatures! They make excellent companions, and they can be fiercely loyal to their families. We get asked all the time: how much should my springer spaniel puppy weigh? The answer will depend on a few things. First, is your puppy male or female? Second, what breed of springer spaniel is it?

If your springer spaniel puppy is a purebred, you’ll probably have more information about it from the breeder. For example, if your dog’s mother was 15 pounds, you can expect your puppy to grow up to be 15 pounds as well. If the father was 25 pounds and the mother was 20 pounds, you can expect your dog to be somewhere in between.

First, it’s important to know that the weight of your puppy is a good indicator of how healthy they are. If your puppy is overweight, you’ll want to take steps to help them lose that weight—and keep it off. If your puppy is underweight, then you’ve got a little more work ahead of you to get them healthy. Knowing your dog’s weight will also help you assess whether or not they’re growing at the pace they should be, which can give you an idea of whether or not they’re getting the right nutrients in their diet.

Typically, a springer spaniel puppy weighs 5-10 pounds when they’re born. Springer spaniels grow at different rates depending on the sex of the dog and other factors like nutrition and exercise. Female springer spaniels usually weigh between 25 and 45 pounds when full grown, while male springer spaniels usually weigh between 35 and 55 pounds once full grown. If your dog is outside of these ranges, that doesn’t necessarily mean that something’s wrong with them—it just means you might want to speak with a veterinarian about what is normal for your pet.

Springer Spaniel Puppy Weight Chart 

AgeWeight (lbs)Weight (kg)
3 Months17.6 – 22 lbs8 – 10 kg
4 Months24 – 28.6 lbs11 – 13 kg
5 Months30.8 – 33 lbs14 – 15 kg
6 Months35.2 – 37.5 lbs16 – 17 kg
7 Months37.5 – 39.7 lbs17 – 18 kg
8 Months39.7 – 41.8 lbs18 – 19 kg
9 Months41.8 – 44 lbs19 – 20 kg
10 Months44 – 46.3 lbs20 – 21 kg
11 Months44 – 48.5 lbs20 – 22 kg
12 Months46.3 – 50.7 lbs21 – 23 kg
14 Months46.3 – 52.9 lbs21 – 24 kg
16 Months46.3 – 55 lbs21 – 25 kg

Right Weight For My Springer Spaniel

The weight of a healthy English Springer Spaniel depends on the dog’s gender.

  • A male dog should weigh around 25kg and be around 51cm tall;
  • A female dog should weigh around 20kg and be around 43cm tall.

The actual weight of your English Springer Spaniel may fluctuate around these figures, and one or two kilos either under or overweight is nothing to be concerned about, particularly if your English Springer Spaniel is smaller in stature.

Canine obesity is a major epidemic at the moment, though, and is causing many doting pet owners a lot of undue stress.

If your English Springer Spaniel weighs drastically more than the above weight, it may be time to address the problems which are causing the excess weight.

In conclusion,

Springer spaniels are happy, energetic dogs that make excellent companions. They can be stubborn and independent, but they are also extremely affectionate and love to please. Springer spaniels are naturally curious and love to explore, so they require an owner who is willing to spend time training and teaching them things.

Springer spaniels are a medium-sized breed, ranging from 35 to 50 pounds when fully grown. The average weight for a mature male is about 45 pounds, while the average for females is about 40.

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