Successfully growing courgettes in a greenhouse is all in the planning. You must learn how to grow courgettes and have the right climate, soil and protection if you are to have a chance at harvesting these deliciously crisp treats.

Growing courgettes in a greenhouse is a great way to have a fresh supply of vegetables all year round. Greenhouses have been used for thousands of years; their popularity changing depending on the time and region. Greenhouse growing is resilient and quite simple, making it ideal for growing courgettes. Growing them alongside other produce such as tomatoes can make this system even more productive, while the warmth they provide provides a safe environment for the addition of tender plants that might otherwise struggle to grow outside.

One of the best things about growing courgettes is the wonderful range of different varieties that are available to grow.  Courgettes (courgettes refers to a type of squash, although the name can often be used incorrectly) are wonderful for adding colour, flavour and freshness to your summer and autumn dishes. They are also one of the most popular vegetable plants to garden with at home, with many people choosing to grow courgettes in their greenhouse or polytunnel.

When you’re growing your own courgettes in a greenhouse, you’ll want to make sure they get the proper amount of space. Unlike tomatoes and other vegetables, courgettes need plenty of room to spread out and grow. They are best grown in pots, so you can put several of them in a small pot. A grow bag can hold three courgette plants, and it should be placed in direct sunlight in a warm place.

When growing your courgettes in a greenhouse, you’ll need a large space and a warm temperature. It’s best to start the seeds in smaller pots and then transplant them into the larger ones once they’ve reached maturity. It’s also helpful to plant the seeds in the greenhouse as soon as they sprout, as they prefer to be in a warm environment. Once the first shoots of growth appear, you can move the plants outside when cold temperatures are gone.

After the first flowering period, you’ll need to plant the courgettes outside, in late May or early June. Prepare the area with well-rotted manure or home-made compost. After planting the seeds, place the pots in a warm place for a few weeks. After that, remove the pots and monitor them closely. If you notice any signs of growth, you’ll know they’re ready for the greenhouse.

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