How To Keep Chickens Away From Your House

Chickens are great pets if you like having livestock in your backyard. They’re not as high maintenance or noisy as dogs or cats, and they can produce eggs for you to eat. But chickens have a nasty habit of getting out of their pens and running around your home. They love to peck at anything and everything, which can lead to holes in your tables, chairs, and even walls if they get inside.

To keep chickens away from your house, you need to understand that chickens are attracted by food. If there is not a food source nearby, they won’t stick around. You need to remove any possible food sources from around your home. This includes dog and cat food, bird feeders, and even plants that can provide seeds or fruit that the birds can eat.

In addition to removing food sources, you should make sure that the area surrounding your home is not good for sheltering the birds. Chickens like to hide in grassy areas and under bushes. You should mow your lawn regularly to keep the grass short enough so that the chickens don’t have cover. You should also trim back any bushes or shrubs that are close to your home so they aren’t able to use them as shelter while they’re waiting for food to appear.

If you still have a problem with chickens in your yard after removing all potential food sources and making sure there isn’t any shelter available nearby, you may want to consider putting up some sort of fence around your property line. The fence doesn’t have to be high – just high enough so that they can’t fly over it easily or dig underneath it easily (about three feet).

How To Keep Chickens Away From Your House

To keep chickens out of your house, you can try several different techniques. For example, you can train your chickens not to stray from a yellow ribbon. Another effective training technique is to use hot wire as a fence. Chickens will be discouraged from crossing it and you can also use motion-activated sprinklers. But if all else fails, here are some plants you can plant to keep chickens away from your house.

Plants that discourage chickens

When it comes to raising a flock of chickens, there are a few simple ways to keep them out of your garden. First, consider having a large yard, with plenty of space for a flower garden. Secondly, keep in mind that chickens love bugs and insects, and these are most often located in flower beds. If you do plan on having flower gardens, you might want to consider growing certain plants that discourage chickens from visiting your house.

If you do not want to purchase expensive poultry supplies, you can consider using plants that chickens hate. Some of these plants are attractive to humans, but do not work effectively to keep chickens away from your house. Calendula is an excellent plant, and can be mixed with water to make a soothing tea. Alternatively, you could consider getting a dog. Not only will a dog spook chickens away, but it will also serve as a great companion.

Another way to prevent chickens from destroying your flowers is by placing rocks around the bases. You can also try installing netting or trellising. Moreover, you can hang hanging baskets to keep chickens out. Chickens also find bare patches of dirt irresistible. Therefore, you could use a dust bath area or even cover your flower beds with diatomaceous earth to keep chickens from damaging your flowers.

Hanging bird feeders in trees is another way to keep chickens out of your yard. Chickens love to perch on rails, and you can try stringing a line across the rail. Make sure to empty the feeder regularly, and remove the bird feeder if chickens start pecking at your feeders. You might be surprised how successfully this method works. You could try it next time. If this doesn’t work, try hanging chicken feeders instead.

Motion-activated sprinklers

Using motion-activated sprinklers to keep chicken and raccoons out of your yard is a cost-effective and humane way to deter intruding pests. Simply install them near the boundary of your yard and water whenever the chickens venture in. Chickens are always on the lookout for predators and fake predators can only deter for a limited amount of time.

The water from motion-activated sprinklers can be harmless to people, but it will sting their eyes for about a minute after contact. A motion-activated sprinkler can be used day or night, in all seasons. Some models feature intelligent sensing technology to reduce water and battery usage when not in use. This way, you’ll always have a reliable perimeter defense for your chickens.

There are many different types of motion-activated sprinklers available in the market. Some of these have tilting sensors, which detect movements of larger and smaller animals. Some even have solar or battery power. Others sit on a hose connection and have a tripod or stake in the ground. To determine which one is right for your home, watch the video below. You’ll get tips and tricks for choosing the right motion-activated sprinkler for your situation.

Motion-activated sprinklers are an excellent choice for deterring intruding birds. They are safe for children and can be set to run at night or during the day. Because they use infrared technology, they work by detecting when the animal is approaching. A loud sound and water spray will startle the animal, but the sprinkler will not harm the chicken itself.


Growing marigolds in your garden is an excellent way to keep your chickens out of the house and away from your plants. Not only are marigolds good for chickens, they also make a beautiful addition to your coop or garden. Plus, they attract bees and butterflies to your coop and garden. What’s more, you can buy organic marigold plants or grow them yourself to avoid insecticides.

Adding marigolds to your yard will also keep mosquitoes away, which can cause a number of diseases in your chickens. The flowers themselves contain no toxins and are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. However, chickens can get rashes from ingesting the petals and leaves. Marigolds are not a healthy treat, so only use them sparingly.

Apart from being healthy for your chickens, marigolds can actually benefit them in other ways. They can enhance their egg yolk color, beaks, and feet. Marigolds are also full of antioxidants, so they can help detoxify their body and prevent cell damage caused by oxidation. Marigolds are also effective repellents of mosquitoes and flies. You can even use marigold flowers as a natural spray to repel mosquitoes.

Another good method is to plant peppermint or rosemary in your garden. Peppermint is a strong smell, and chickens can’t stand it. But marigolds are more than just flowers, they’re also edible, which makes them an excellent choice for chickens’ gardens. You can plant marigolds in pots and gardens. They can grow anywhere from mid-spring to mid-summer. You can also plant lavender around your backyard or around outdoor living spaces. Lavender and marigolds go great together.


Using strong scents to keep chickens away from your home will deter them from entering. Cinnamon has a pungent smell and can be sprinkled on certain areas of the deck. It’s also an effective way to deter chickens from pecking and scratching your garden. Buy cinnamon in bulk to make sure that it’s always around. Make sure that the smell doesn’t linger for too long to get the desired results.

Another method is to sprinkle strong spices and herbs near the entrances to your home. If your house is in the garden, try sprinkling paprika on the soil between rows of plants. This way, the chickens will not cross the spice. Garlic is another effective deterrent for chickens. The smell is very strong, so chickens won’t want to walk over it. Make sure to reapply these scents after heavy dew.

Chiles are also good deterrents. They have a pungent scent, which offends the chickens’ sensitive sense of smell. Sprinkle powdered chiles on the ground around your living space, in your herb or vegetable garden, or anywhere else chickens won’t want to roam. Pepper, on the other hand, is an even better deterrent than chiles. You can sprinkle pepper in the yard or garden, and chickens will stay away from the area.

Citrus peels are another effective repellent. If you don’t have citrus trees in your backyard, use citrus peels to keep chickens away from your house. Citrus peels have a strong smell, and chickens don’t like it. This method will work well with citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. However, you’ll have to reapply it after rain to keep chickens away.


One way to keep chickens out of your house is to plant lavender bushes in your yard. Fresh lavender leaves are toxic to chickens, but the oil can be used as a deterrent for insects and other vermin. You can also dry lavender bushes and mix them with their feed. Lavender is great for freshening the coop and repelling bugs. It also has many other benefits for chickens.

The scent of lavender in the air makes the nest box more relaxing for hens. Hens prefer a quiet nest, so lavender will send them to sleep. The scent is also known to relax broody hens. Lavender essential oil is extracted from the flower buds, and it is best to mix it with their nest bedding. After a few hours, chickens will stop pestering your home.

Lavender is also great for chickens because it helps them reduce stress and anxiety. Adding lavender to their food will also improve their blood circulation. Egg laying hens spend most of their time sitting on eggs, and their blood circulates slowly. Lavender will help them feel better in this area. This way, they won’t be tempted to sneak in your house to lay eggs.

Another way to repel chickens is to plant lemon peels around your house. Lemons, oranges, and lemon peels emit strong citrus smells that chickens will not tolerate. This way, you’ll be able to protect your home from pests without sacrificing your valuable crops. While lemon and lime peels are popular deterrents for chickens, lavender is the most powerful and versatile of them all.

In conclusion,

Chickens are one of the more popular types of animals to have on a farm. They provide eggs and meat and are easy to maintain. However, chickens can be an annoyance if they get into your garden or start scratching up your lawn.

It’s important to keep chickens out of your yard, and there are several methods to do this. One method is using a fence around the perimeter of your property or building one around your garden area if you don’t want them getting into it all year long. Another option would be setting up automatic sprinklers in areas where you think the chickens will go near so that when they approach these spots, it triggers a sprayer which frightens them away from returning again soon after being sprayed for awhile before returning again later on later time as well as other times too as well later time later time.

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