How To Plant Persimmon Tree Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the most popular Nintendo video games, and it has been for many years. The game is a social simulator where you get to live in a town with other players and interact with them. You can also grow plants and trees in your town, which gives your town character and makes it feel like home. There are many different types of trees that you can plant in your town, but one of the most popular is the persimmon tree. This guide will explain how to plant a persimmon tree in Animal Crossing so that you can have a beautiful tree that attracts animals to your town

Persimmon tree is a fruit-bearing plant that grows in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The tree produces two types of fruit: one edible and one poisonous. Eating the edible persimmon will give you a mood boost, while eating the poisonous persimmon will cause you to lose a bit of energy. To grow your own tree, you will need to plant its seed in your town’s soil.

To begin planting a persimmon tree, you will need to purchase an acorn from Gulliver at the island shop or find one on the ground in town. You can also find some buried around your town if you keep an eye out for them! Once you have an acorn, simply head over to the flower bed in your town and place it down on top of any open spot. Then wait for it to grow

First, start with a shovel.

You need a shovel to dig a hole. You can find a shovel in your toolbox, which you can find in your house. Your house is located in your town and the game world is composed of multiple towns, so it’s important that you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch or PC if at all possible (if not, keep reading).

If you don’t have a toolbox yet, make sure to visit Tom Nook at the store and pick up one! He’ll give you 100 bells for free when he sees how much spunk and excitement are in your eyes.

Next, plant the fruit.

Now that your tree is fully grown, it’s time to plant the fruit. The easiest way to do this is by burying a mature fruit in the ground until it disappears into the dirt. Then, fill in the hole with soil and water your tree (by tapping A) so that it can grow roots.

Once planted, a new fruit will appear on top of your tree within 24 hours.

To get planting, dig a hole anywhere in your town that is not covered by buildings or other trees.

To get planting, dig a hole anywhere in your town that is not covered by buildings or other trees. To do this, you’ll need to use the tool that looks like a shovel. You can find the shovel in your inventory under “Tools” and then “Shovel”.

Once you have your shovel and are standing on an empty patch of dirt in your town, press A to dig! Use this space wisely. you only get one per day!

Once you have selected a spot, use your shovel to dig a small hole.

Once you have selected a spot, use your shovel to dig a small hole.

Use the shovel to remove dirt from the ground and make it flat.

The hole needs to be at least one square space wide and two squares deep.

Next, place your fruit into the hole that you just dug up and cover it with soil.

Next, place your fruit into the hole that you just dug up and cover it with soil.

Once you’ve planted all of your seeds, it’s time to return to the game and wait for them to grow. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on how long each fruit takes to mature.

You will want to water the tree once you have planted it for it to grow properly.

You will want to water the tree once you have planted it for it to grow properly.

To water your persimmon tree, you can use a sprinkler or just pour water on the ground around the base of your newly planted tree. If you use a sprinkler, make sure that it does not touch any part of the plant or else this could cause damage. The amount of water that each persimmon tree needs varies from one species to another; however, in general, most need at least an inch of water every week. You should also check if there are any signs indicating whether or not more watering is needed for your particular persimmon variety (for example, wilting leaves).

Growing persimmon trees can be easy if you follow these steps.

  • Growing persimmon trees can be easy if you follow these steps.
  • Plant the tree in late fall or winter, ideally in December or January. You should also make sure that it’s not too cold outside, as this could damage your plant. The ideal temperature for planting a persimmon tree is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 13 degrees Celcius).
  • Water the tree immediately after planting it and continue watering regularly until new buds appear in spring. Once those buds appear, stop watering so they can grow properly! Watering too much can cause root rot; instead, let nature take its course when it comes to how much water your trees need throughout the season. and remember not over-water them either!

How to care for Persimmon Tree Animal Crossing

The first thing to do is water your new tree. Watering it once a day should be sufficient, but if you’re experiencing drought conditions in your town, you may need to water it more often. The second thing you’ll want to do is fertilize the tree: spread some fertilizer on the ground around its base and watch your trees grow.

In order to prevent pests from eating away at them (or worse) destroying them entirely, use pesticides on their leaves whenever there’s an infestation of aphids or other pests near-by, you’ll see red dots appear on the leaves when this happens. You can also use pesticides directly by shaking cans of pesticide over any part of the plant that’s being attacked by bugs or fungus; spreading poison dust around will destroy all nearby weeds so they won’t grow back after being sprayed with chemicals either.

The third step involves harvesting fruit from your trees, this can be done once every 3 days after planting begins although some players prefer not waiting until then since harvesting takes time away from playing other activities like fishing! If we want our crops harvested faster than usual though there are various ways such as using fertilizer which speeds up things considerably so that instead of taking weeks one year might only take just two days! With these tips combined with patience we should have plenty left over time left before winter arrives again next year too now; don’t forget though that sometimes insects become attracted towards certain types of plants too (such as apples) so try spraying those areas too if necessary.

How to fertilize Persimmon Tree Animal Crossing


Use a shovel to dig a hole and place the fertilizer in it. Then, use a watering can to water the tree.

When to harvest Persimmon Tree Animal Crossing

You can harvest your persimmon tree by using a net.

When the fruit has ripened, it will fall off the tree on its own. If you want to pick the fruit yourself, wait until it is ripe and then use a net to catch them. You can also harvest before they are ripe so that they don’t rot on your hands or get eaten by other animals or people.

Pest control of Persimmon Tree Animal Crossing

To prevent pests from returning, you’ll need to make sure your persimmon tree is properly maintained and free of any insects or other animals. The following are some general tips for keeping your persimmon tree pest-free:

  • Remove any dead leaves that fall on the ground beneath the tree, as they can provide a hiding place for pests.
  • Check underneath and in between branches regularly. Look for small holes or debris piles; if you see either of these, there may be an insect present in your persimmon tree that should be removed immediately.
  • Watch out for moths; not only do they lay eggs on fruit, but they also attract ants! Moths are dark brown or black with a light dusting of hair on their wings; if you spot one (or several!), contact a professional immediately


The persimmon tree is a beautiful plant that can be harvested and planted to help grow your farm. Planting persimmon trees will help you with making food and money in Animal Crossing, New Leaf. I hope this guide has given you some insight into how to get a persimmon tree in your town!

Section: After reading this, I hope you have gained some insight into how to plant a persimmon tree animal crossing.

Section: You should have learned that the best time of year is winter because there are no bugs or weeds around it.

Takeaway: we hope that by following these steps you’ll be able to successfully plant your own persimmon trees

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