Have you ever wondered how to preserve a cut cucumber. It is actually very simple and does not require much effort. All you need is some wax paper and common household items. This process will help your cucumber last up to a month after you make your first cut. It’s cheap and the best way to preserve any kind of green vegetable for later use.

Is a cut cucumber still good after ten days? Does my cut apple need an airtight container to keep it from going bad? Can I preserve cut ginger? These are just some of the many questions people with CSA (community supported agriculture) share as they receive deliveries of fresh produce every week. Preserving is not only economical, it’s fun and gives us a chance to stretch our food budget and enjoy the foods we love year round. Here are some tips on preserving some of the more popular items we get through our CSA:

Cutting cucumber seems so simple, but it is useful for making pickles or preserving. ― Anthony Bourdain Book: Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly Food preservation techniques are hardly “state of the art,” at least from a modern perspective. Until fairly recently in human history, however, food storage techniques seemed far more advanced to most people living at the time.

After slicing a cucumber, it should be refrigerated for three to four days. Then, store the slices in an airtight container. Wrap the cut end in plastic wrap and cover it with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture. Once the slices have soaked up enough moisture, discard them. The next day, slice the remaining end of the cucumber and wrap it in plastic wrap.

To store the cucumbers for a longer period of time, place them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Place them in an airtight plastic bag or a shallow pan to prevent a buildup of water. Then, wrap the slices in a clean towel and place them in the fridge. Then, wrap them tightly to keep them from wilting. Once the slices are wrapped, store them in the refrigerator.

To store cucumber slices, cut them into thin slices and wrap them in a dry paper towel. Try to cover the slices completely. If there is any moisture, it will make the slices soft and moldy. If you don’t have a paper towel, buy some at a local grocery store. When the cucumbers are dry, place them in a zip-lock plastic bag and keep them in there.

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