sea cucumber is a kind of marine product, when dried sea cucumber was processed, it is great to powder. Maybe some people don’t believe and want to know the process of powdering to show you that it is real. According to the recipe, firstly we should clean and soften the dried sea cucumber. If you want to buy sea cucumber from our company, welcome!

If you have just received a big quantity of dried sea cucumber, it is recommended to get them processed. The easiest way of processing them is to make the fish sauce. Isao Hirata, the senior researcher of the Iwate Fish Sauce Research Institute, said, “Over 90 percent of dried sea cucumbers are used for fish sauce in Japan.”

For dried sea cucumber processing, the cleaning process is much easier than that for fresh sea cucumber. After drying, the whole sea cucumber will be clean from mud. There may be a few small impurities on the skin of the sea cucumber . These small impurities are easy to remove by hand or with a tweezer. However, do not use metal tools to remove them.

You may have heard about the advantages of salt-dried sea cucumber. This method is easy to follow and can produce higher yields. It is also cheaper, making it ideal for small scale fishermen. This method is easy to apply in the fishing village. Here are some tips to ensure the best results. Read on to learn more about the process. Let’s get started! Listed below are some of the advantages of salt-dried sea cucuum.

how to process dried sea cucumber

To make sea cucumber flour, you need to dry it completely and then grind it. The process involves multiple rounds of soaking and simmering. It is important to remove any visible debris from the surface of the dough. The final yield will be about 5.5% to 8%, depending on the variety. You can eat it raw or cook it in broth for later use. But be careful! Using salt-dried sea cucurbits will make them taste better.

In the process of preparing dried sea cucuum, you need to immerse the dried cucuum in water overnight. You must clean the pot thoroughly and make sure that the water doesn’t contain any impurities. Once the sea cucuum is fully submerged, you can start boiling it in the next morning. You can then cover the fire and let it cool down. After the first day of soaking, you can use the water for cooking.

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