When talking about today’s development of the seafood industry is the processing of sea cucumbers. This is a lot, for each day, the thousands of tons of seafood, leading the seafood processing will continue to be the trend of global level. The importance of processing seafood sea cucumber big impact on food safety and quality.

Whether you’re a small street vendor or a large sea cucumber farmer, you need to be aware of food safety laws. For fresh sea cucumber processing, it’s not just about selling your sea food to the public — it’s about protecting the health and safety of your customers.

Sea cucumbers have been a common seafood consumed in China and other Asian countries for thousands of years. However, there are few people who know how they are actually processed. Did you ever wonder? Are they just thrown into a pot, or is there more to it? Well, I’m here to tell you all about it!

In the early 20th century, sea cucumber was a popular food that was cultivated in coastal areas. Before processing, the sea cucumber was washed in distilled water to remove any dirt and foreign matter. The digestive tracts were removed and it was then divided into four groups. Raw, cooked, and dried-rehydrated. Although raw sea cuccumbers are more nutritious, they don’t keep very long.

In China, fresh sea cucumber is commonly fried, which is the simplest way to preserve its nutritional value. Dried sea cucumbers need to be soaked in water for 2 days before they can be processed. In addition, there is a long, complicated cooking process that is required for these products. However, these products are gaining popularity in China and around the world. Moreover, they can be easily transported.

The process of sea cucumber depends on its purpose. The product is either used as a food, or it can be used for storage or transport. Dried sea cucuums need to be rehydrated in cold water for at least two days before they can be processed. Then, the dried sea cucuums must undergo an elaborate cooking process before they can be sold. The most convenient method of processing fresh sea cucuum is to dry it and then process it.

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