In our day to day life we completely ignore the instruction labels that come along with the items and instead use them according to our own wisdom. Most of the time, it results in a bad experience. In general, there are two kinds of instructions – one which is given by the maker of an item and other by the seller or seller agent. Instructions in accordance with the buyer’s view will always fail, where on the other hand, if you follow the instructions given by the maker or even expert in particular field then you are gonna be safe. Cucumber is one such vegetable which is really good for health but nevertheless it must be stored properly in refrigerator. You can preserve cucumber up to three days, however there is a specific method to store them and thus they should be properly wrapped up otherwise they will get damaged quite easily.

To store cucumber in refrigerator you need to clean them, cut off both ends and even the sides with a knife, and split the cucumbers lengthwise. Finally, put the cucumbers into some big bowl, toss them with some coarse salt and wrap them up with plastic film. Moreover, wrap a few paper towels around them and layer warm bricks on top of that.

Cucumbers need cold and comfortable storage environment, with a moisture content of about 90%. If you have spent the time perfecting your kitchen storage by putting all the ingredients in the refrigerator, then Cucumber will also benefit from being stored in a refrigerated location.

There are several ways to store cucumber in the refrigerator. Usually, it is best to keep them crisp and cold. When storing them in the refrigerator, try to place them in the middle, where the air is a little warmer. The lower shelf is the coldest, so you want to avoid placing them there. If you do decide to put them in the refrigerator, make sure that you wrap them in a paper towel to absorb any moisture, and then place them inside a plastic storage bag.

Another way to store cucumber in the refrigerator is to wrap the slices with a damp paper towel. Make sure that the paper towel completely covers the slices. It is best to keep some moisture in the cucumber, as this will help it retain moisture and keep its freshness. However, the paper towel should not be damp, because it will allow the moisture to seep into the slice and affect its edibility.

Another way to store cucumber in the refrigerator is to place it in the refrigerator. Sliced cucumbers should be placed near the door, near the vegetable drawer, and in the front middle shelf. You can use a Zip-lock bag to keep them in the fridge. Just be sure to consume them within three to four days. Once you have sliced the cucumber, you can place it in the middle shelf and put it in the fridge.

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