Despite being straightforward for a professional, the task of measuring the age of a house rabbit is usually underestimated by its caregivers. Did you know that a rabbit’s diet changes as it ages?

Young rabbits require more protein in their diet than older rabbits, which is the opposite of what an older rabbit needs. Too much protein in an adult rabbit’s diet can be fatal. Therefore, identifying your rabbit’s age is essential to make necessary changes, adjusting its diet, and recognizing when to go see the vet for neutering or spaying.

How to tell how old a rabbit is?

Although no professional can tell the precise age of a rabbit, observing behavior changes can give you an idea of the rate at which the rabbit is expected to take off.

Once a rabbit leaves its nest and sits back in it for a couple of hours, then this is said to be two or three months of age. Once a rabbit starts chewing on anything it finds, it is nearly three months of age.

Your rabbits are entering the adolescent phase between three months to six months of age. One point is particularly noticeable at this stage of the rabbit’s development.

The rabbit then becomes territorial during this stage, when a guardian will notice its rabbit spraying urine all over the place to mark its territory.

It is challenging to determine a rabbit’s age after six months. Once rabbits are older than this time, they tend to exhibit a decrease in their activity level. If you get a rabbit at an early age, you may indeed be able to recognize its age.

A rabbit’s teeth show signs of its age along with its physical characteristics. Younger rabbits have whiter teeth while older rabbits have yellowish or brownish teeth. An older rabbit has thicker, tougher and more flaky claws than a younger rabbit, which is why older rabbits tend to sleep more than younger rabbits. The other common sign of age in older rabbits is that they tend to sleep more than younger rabbits.

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