Hydraulic rear rump bar, belly strap, front and rear leg lifts and restraints and a hydraulic self locking front gate make this crush a serious and unique piece of equipment. The hydraulic pump can be left on the crush or fitted to an adjacent wall. Suitable for bulls due to its adjustable front gate width. Its fitted with Dunlomat rubber flooring and a dung grate. Easily controllable spool valves make it the perfect crush for larger farms where trimming is a daily routine. The crush must be specially designed for foot trimming and not intended for other animal management purposes. With an internal width of at least 720mm, the crush will have a head yoke, rotating rump bar and with motorised winches. Must include belly harness/support lifting straps and a minimum of two hoof blocks. Rotating/Rollover crushes are not eligible. All ferrous metal parts of the crush will be fully galvanised or powder coated. Painted crushes are not eligible. Crushes with wooden floors are not eligible.


Hydraulic Cattle Foot Trimming Crush  innovative hydraulic roll over crush that has been designed to simplify the cow foot trimming process and offers extensive benefits both in terms of reduced cost and more importantly cow care. Cows need their hooves trimmed because their hooves grow continuously. When they grow too long, the uneven hooves alter the way the cow walks and can cause temporary or even permanent lameness.


  • Extremely simple operation and handling abilities; the CowTipper is specifically designed with the both the cow and the operator in mind.
  • Cow friendly – unlike conventional upright crushes, the tipper is not putting any stress on cow joints and all feet are restrained which ensures complete safety for the user
  • Cows are at ease when on their side and the equipment comes with a headrest and shoulder support to ensure full animal comfort.
  • All four hooves are exposed at once allowing quick access to both rear and front hooves to identify and treat infection with speed and ease. An additional benefit of this is that udders are easily visible and accessible giving the opportunity for dry cow therapy and to identify and treat any udder irregularity.
  • Universal Installation Methods – the crush can be fixed, semi fixed and mobile. The crush is lightweight and can be moved around quickly and easily when unhitched.
  • The Mobile crush is fitted with a high speed weight transfer axle, anti roll and torsion bars, shocks and brakes which make the crush safe and steady on the road
  • With a robust galvanised frame :the CowTipper is durable, easily cleaned and build to last.


MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel tube
Frame40*40mm*1.6mmT     50*50*1.6mmT   
Oval Rail:40*80mm*1.6mmT    42*115mm*1.6mmT
Height2m, 2.2m,2.5m and so on
WeldedFully welded post brackets
Other size as customer requirement


$196.45 – $2,308.00

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