The new M1000 Cattle Crush represents the pinnacle of manual yoke design and encompasses the foremost yoke concepts and everything IAE have learned in over 25 years of yoke manufacture and development. Speed is a key feature of the M1000. A sliding gate design, the yoke is positioned manually using the smooth action operating handle. At whatever point the yokes are positioned, they lock automatically, rendering time intensive individual adjustment unnecessary. The doors are then easily unlocked and opened by the operating handle in one easy movement!

The super quiet, ratchet free design is an advantage when handling nervous cattle. The yoke also entices animals into and through the crush by being left fully open by the operator, yet is quick enough to catch the animal as it passes, this saves time and manpower by negating the need to encourage animals to move down the race. The yoke will lock at any point throughout its range of movement, this highly adjustable design makes the M1000 yoke ideal for mixed herds, as well as short horned cattle. The solid front gates of the M1000 mean zero leg traps at all points of the yoke’s operation.

Uses/ Benefits:

Speed and ease of use For speedy setting and releasing of the squeeze mechanism the IAE “vari-lock” system excels, taking principles applied in our flagship manual yoke, this system allows the panels to be placed (and automatically locked) in any infinitely variable position within the operating range. (Full crush width 738mm to a minimum of 260mm).


  • Manual traditional lever operated yoke handle can be used on either side.
  • Hinged vet access panel built into each yoke leaf.
  • Fully opening front and side gates from the front cage enabling greater access all-round the animals head.
  • Spring loaded quick release adjustment gives 4 preset yoke widths from 100mm to 260mm.
  • Two removable rails on each side sit above the fully clad removable bottom section to allow full access to the animals back.
  • Fully welded flat tread plate floor.
  • Suitable for calf fostering.
  • Access enables caesarean operations to be performed if required.
  • Removable backing up bar facility.
  • Removable sheeted bottom section.
  • The crush is supplied with a universal rear gate fitted as standard.
  • The crush has pallet fork lifting points welded to the top rail.


MaterialHot-dip galvanized steel tube
Frame40*40mm*1.6mmT     50*50*1.6mmT   
Oval Rail40*80mm*1.6mmT    42*115mm*1.6mmT
Height2m, 2.2m,2.5m and so on
WeldedFully welded post brackets
Other size as customer requirement


$1,999.00 – $6,000.00

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