Idhayam Nallennai 500ml Price

Idhayam Gingelly Oil ensures you the best health by pushing your Blood Pressure down, lowering your Cholesterol and keeps your skin healthy. It’s soft for heart that adds flavour to the cuisine. It provides good oral health too. It also includes mustard oil in the list of their product range. It helps to stay healthy and fit.Idhayam Gingelly Oil Is Another Name For Sesame Oil. Sesame Oil Is An Edible Vegetable Oil Derived From Sesame Seeds .Idhayam Gingelly Oil Ensures You The Best Health By Pushing Your Blood Pressure Down

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Hair Health: Sesame oil has traditionally been used to improve the health of hair. It can help to darken hair color and also eliminate hair loss. Skin Health: Sesame oil is rich in zinc, which is one of the most important minerals in the body for your skin. It can increase skin elasticity and smoothness, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots and eliminate skin conditions, including premature aging

Heart Health: Like most vegetable oils, sesame oil is so helpful and delicious in foods because of its fatty acid content. Sesame oil contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including sesamol and sesamin. This can keep the cardiovascular system balanced and keeps cholesterol levels low. Bone Growth: There are many important minerals that can be found in sesame oil, particularly copper, zinc, and calcium. These three minerals are integral to bone growth in the body, meaning that by maintaining an appropriate level of sesame oil in your diet, you can help increase the rate of bone growth and development, as well as speed up any healing or regrowth of bones as well.

Oral Health: Sesame oil is highly recommended by dental professionals because of a process called oil pulling, which involves putting oil in your mouth and then swishing it around before spitting it out.

Prevent Cancer: Sesame oil contains an organic compound called phytate, which has been directly linked to a reduction in the development of cancer.

Circulation and Metabolism: High copper and zinc content mean that the body is able to function at its optimal levels, mainly because copper is required for the production of red blood cells.

Inflammation: Copper is a naturally anti-inflammatory substance, and the high levels of copper found in sesame oil can help to reduce the inflammation and discomfort of various conditions such as gout and arthritis.

A Final Word of Caution: If you are taking anti-coagulant or blood-thinning medications, then you should speak with your doctor before adding sesame oil to your diet.


TypeSesame Oil
Quantity500 ml
Used ForCooking
Processing TypeFiltered
Maximum Shelf Life6 Months
Container TypePouch
Added PreservativesNo
Nutrient ContentNA
Common NameSesame, Gingelly Oil, Till, Nuvvulu, Til, Til Oil, Gingly Oil

Prices of Idhayam Nallennai

$8.51-$9.13/ Kilogram

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