Brief introduction of this corn milling machine This grain grinder is widely used for various kinds of bean milling, corn grinding, maize milling, peanut straw, bean straw, jowar straw, and other kinds of grain flour milling process. This grain grinder is especially for small scale capacity demands. So if you want a small economical grinder machine for processing grain flour powder, this equipment will be your better choice.


Corn processing equipment has made outstanding contributions in the current corn processing industry. It can be processed into corn products such as corn grits, different size of corn granules, corn flour and other corn products. Let’s go find out more about the product advantages and functions of corn processing equipment. With the flourishing development of corn processing technology in recent years, corn processing equipment can also be unique in the industry, and it can process all of our familiar corn products.

Grains, wheat, rice, maize, corn, soybeans, black beans, red beans, green beans, etc.

Herbs, bark, leaves, wheat bran, rice husk, corn cob, straw, stalk, cotton seeds, flowers, etc.

Fish meal, fruit shell, dehydrated vegetables, plant roots, stems, etc.

Grain product processing industry; Fish feed pellet processing line; Animal feed pellet production line; Powder processing line; etc.


1. Low investment;

2. Vertical / horizontal layout;

3. Customized design;

4. Compact structure and labour saving;

5. High flour extraction


ProductQuantityUnit Power(kw)Total Power
Combined vibrate cleaner & destoner10.16×20.32
Mill with sieve47.530
Mill with sieve25.511
Flour conveyor11.51.5
Packing cabinet3//


$245.00 – $300,000.00

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