As we know, usually, there are three ways to transfer heat, Radiation, Convection, Conduction and their thermal efficiency decrease in turn. Most Equipment is mainly by convection to heat air first and then, the heated air transfer to object. Heat loss is big. But, differently, infrared burner heat object directly by radiation and transfer rate will be much higher, usually it can save 10~20% gas energy and cost.
These automated, efficient, and powerful. infrared gas brooder are splendid enough to help you in performing daily husbandry chores with higher efficacy and precision. Not just tools, but you also get to choose from several distinct. infrared gas brooder such as stables, cages, feeding barns, etc. These. infrared gas brooder are eco-friendly and are made from sturdy materials such as metal, solid wood, heavy-duty food-grade plastics and many more

For common ceramic burner, it heats ceramic plate and then ceramic plate release infrared ray. But Haodong infrared burner covers a process rare earth as catalyst, make the flameless burning occurred at the ceramic surface and radiate directly. So, the energy transfer rate is much higher than common ceramic burner.


1. Shell: aluminized steel sheet
2. Radiant part: cordierite honeycomb plates with black processed rare-earth catalyst coated
3. Nozzle: brass
4. Up cover: stamped stainless iron


THD6806Manual 2.8675*235*950.420.293.93400
Thermostat customised, can make a controller for 2-25 brooder.
 Hanging poultry hanging poultry catalyst mini infra red gas burner accessories: 220VAC/50hz or 110vac/60hz eletric pulse igniter,3-pin type ignition pin , 220VAC/50hz or 110VAC/60hz solenoid valve


$30.00 – $90.00

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