Irrigation Fertilizer Injection Pump, fertilizer injectors are the most efficient way to feed plants. Adding fertilizer to irrigation system products delivers nutrients in liquid form directly to the roots of the plants. Unlike conventional fertilizing techniques, little or none is lost on the way down. Fertilizer injectors are a fast and accurate way to feed an entire garden, landscape, nursery or greenhouse. Injectors available at Drip Works range from simple EZ-FLO units to commercial-grade MixRite pump-style fertilizer injectors. Mazzei suction-style injectors fall in between. We carry fertilizer injector pumps that are hydro-powered by the water passing through them, making them easy to operate and maintain.

Uses of Irrigation Fertilizer Injection Pump

Irrigation Fertilizer Injection Pump is specifically the application of fertilizer (plant nutrients) through an irrigation system.


  • Chapin International
  • EZ-FLO
  • Actopus
  • Hoss Tools
  • Dramm
  • Be Cool Solutions
  • mRoy


  • Water driven chemical Fertilizers injectors that need no external power supply
  • Does not cause pressure loss in the irrigation line.
  • Operation begins at low pressure.
  • Simple operation, adjustments and maintenance.
  • Chemical resistant To nearly all known chemicals used in agriculture.
  • Irrigation chemical injection flow rate, up To 640 liters/hr [2.8 US GPM]
  • Minimum pressure   0.5 bar; 7 psi  Maximum pressure 8 bar; 115 psi
  • Water consumption ~ 3 times the quantity of the chemical injected.

Prices of Irrigation Fertilizer Injection Pump


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