Irrigation Spray Tube

Irrigation spray tube is an accessory of the irrigation system which serves as water-saving equipment that requires low water pressure, saving electricity, and water usage. It sprays evenly, helping to improve the germination rate of seeds and the survival rate of seedlings. The offered product comes in varying diameters and lengths, depending on specific needs. Spray tube irrigation is the application of water to crops through sprinkler like hoses or tapes. Spray tubes are also called micro spray tubes, rain hoses and sprinkler tapes etc. Water is a key requirement for all crops or plants. No plant can survive without water. Spray tube irrigation enables farmers to grow crops all year round. In Nigeria, most farmers are accustomed to the cultivation of crops only during the rainy season, with spray tube irrigation; crops can be cultivated during the dry season.

Spray tube also called a rain hose or sprinkler hose is a set of polythene made pipes used for irrigating crops. Spray tube irrigation systems work like sprinklers; technically, they are also sprinklers since they spray water to crops. Spray tube irrigation systems ensures that plants get adequate water all year round. They work like rain guns; however, they use lesser water than rain guns and are more efficient when used in small acreages. Farmers can use spray tube in Nigeria if they want to grow their crops all year round. Spray tubes are very good for leafy vegetables and crops that like humid conditions. With spray tube irrigation system in Nigeria, a farmer can grow his crops in the dry season. Some empirical findings have shown that spray tube irrigation systems are 30 – 70% more effective and efficient than flood or furrow irrigation.

Uses/benefits of Irrigation Spray Tube:

  • Sprays evenly: With our unique design, the rate of water movement and direction of flow will be adequately maintained throughout the process.
  • Establishment of evenness in topdressing: Irrigation spray tube can allow the injection of liquid fertilizer into the tube and this helps establish the evenness of topdressing.
  • It can also help to maintain the looseness of soil.
  • Crops are planted in rows are extremely suitable for using our spray tubes.
  • Most suitable equipment for irrigating sandy soil.
  • Using the equipment in late afternoon reduces the survival rate of moth (harmful insects) and thus, reduces the amount of using pesticides.
  • Fertilizer and nutrient loss is minimized due to a localized application and reduced leaching.
  • Water application efficiency is high if managed correctly.
  • Field leveling is not necessary.
  • Fields with irregular shapes are easily accommodated.
  • Recycled non-potable water can be safely used.
  • Moisture within the root zone can be maintained at field capacity.
  • Soil type plays a less important role in the frequency of irrigation.
  • Soil erosion is lessened.
  • Weed growth is lessened.
  • Water distribution is highly uniform, controlled by the output of each nozzle.
  • Labor cost is less than other irrigation methods.
  • Variation in supply can be regulated by regulating the valves and drippers.
  • Fertigation can easily be included with minimal waste of fertilizers.
  • Foliage remains dry, reducing the risk of disease.
  • Usually operated at a lower pressure than other types of pressurized irrigation, reducing energy costs.

Features of Irrigation Spray Tube:

    • Water-saving equipment for spraying irrigation that requireslow water pressure (operating pressure: 0.5 to 0.8kg/cm²= 7.12to 11.38psi) which really helps save electricity and water
    • It sprays evenly, this helps improve the germination rate ofseeds and the survival rate of seedlings
    • Has two functions: one is it sprays evenly
    • With our unique design of twin wings at the edge of the tube,this will protect the tube from the rate of turning over andmaintain the direction of water spray throughout the process ofirrigation
    • The other is we can inject the liquid fertilizer into the tube,mix with the water
    • This helps establish the evenness of topdressing
    • Therefore, irrigation + topdressing= functions
    • After using the solid fertilizer, the spraying irrigation helpsdissolve fertilizer, effectively seep the soil and easily reach theroot without washing the fertilizer out
    • Helps maintain the looseness of soil
    • Crops are planted in rows which are extremely suitable forusing our spray tubes which spray covering an area of 0.1 to 4meters
    • Most suitable equipment for irrigating sandy soil
    • Spraying irrigation in late afternoon reduces the survival rateof moth (harmful insects) and thus, reduces the amount of usingpesticide

Specification of Irrigation Spray Tube:

Flow Rate1.38-3.6L/h
Working Pressure30-120Kpa
Farm Garden Agriculture30cm

Prices of Irrigation Spray Tube:

 $21.68 – $300.00

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