Irrigation controllers come in a variety of forms, and we have them all. Whether you need a mechanical tap timer, a bluetooth tap timer, a wifi-controlled irrigation system, a wall mounted irrigation controller or a big commercial control box, you’ll find it in our range. We stock the respected, reliable brands that irrigation professionals use, including Hunter, Rainbird, Toro, Irritrol, Orbit. And we’ve put together heaps of guides and information to help you choose the best option for your irrigation system.

Types/ Brands

  • Rain Bird
  • Rachio
  • Orbit
  • Scotts
  • Hunter Industries
  • RainMachine
  • Aeon Matrix
  • Irritrol
  • Punstep
  • Orbit Irrigation Products
  • MIXC


Sprinkler controllers have hardly been elegant devices. They typically consist of a rotary dial, a handful of switches, and perhaps a crude monochrome LCD. This is rapidly changing, as smart sprinkler controllers enter the market. These have come from two angles: Startups looking to disrupt the market with brand-new devices, and old-guard irrigation companies that have upgraded their gear with smart innards. Both approaches to date have shown some merit. Here are our takes on the best gear on the market today

Uses of Irrigation System Control Panel

Automated irrigation control systems ensure that watering is always carried out, even when the garden is unattended. If you’re going away on holiday, for example, you can rest assured that your garden will still be watered efficiently. The best time for watering is at dawn. With an irrigation control system, you can simply set the system up to run first thing in the morning, avoiding the need for you to get up early.

Prices of Irrigation System Control Panel

$325 -$2,630

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