Irrigation System  valve box is an enclosure designed to provide a safe environment for the components that comprise an irrigation system. It protects them from vandalism, the elements and damage due to mowers, string trimmers, etc. .Some contractors still install valves above ground, believing this is a less costly way to go. In most cases, your sprinkler valve box will house your manifold and valves. Occasionally valves will be above ground. Valve boxes are generally around the permitter of your house – so when searching for your valves, start there!


A valve box is a plastic cover that protects the valves and wiring from damage and debris. Above ground, the valve box also protects the valves and manifold piping from harsh sunlight and inclement weather, or damage by accident, animals or vandalism

  • (a) Irrigation System Required.
  • (b) Irrigation Efficiency and Design.
  • (1) Efficiency.
  • (2) Drip Irrigation. …
  • (3) Overhead Spray Irrigation.
  • (4) Valves.
  • (5) Irrigation Controllers and Sensors.
  • (6) Pressure Regulators

Types of Irrigation System Valve Box

1.) Globe and Angle Valves
2.) Anti-Siphon Valve


Irrigation System Valve Box  provide easy access to buried irrigation control valvesIrrigation control valves and backflow preventers require access from time-to-time to perform maintenance and testing. Valve boxes also provide protection for these essential components of your irrigation system.

Prices of Irrigation System Valve Box

 $12.50- $100

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