These Heavy Duty J-Clip Pliers are made of forged steel with a high quality grip J-Clip Pliers can be used to build or repair wire cages, chicken coops and more work best with J-clips model JC138 . Choose the right wire for your cage.  Don’t compromise on cheaper wire.  It won’t last nearly as long, and won’t protect the rabbit nearly as well.  The wire for the cage sides should be:

-14 or 16 guage

-Galvanized, GBW (galvanized before welding) is fine

-1 x 2” Mesh

I recommend buying a 1 x 2” mesh roll of wire that is 18” or  24” wide.  Making your cage dimensions in multiples of six inches will ensure that standard sized urine guards and drop trays will fit in them.

Features of J Clips For Rabbit Cages:

  • J-Clips Not Included, Works with Most J-Clips
  • Great for Building Cages, Coops and More
  • Made with Heavy Duty Forged Steel
  • Premium Comfort Grip
  • Universal size: the size of the clips is about 1.1 x 1 cm/ 0.43 x 0.39 inch, the size of the plier is about 17 x 5 cm/ 6.69 x 1.97 inch, you will receive 300 pieces wire cage clips and 1 piece pliter, good match for you to use
  • Humanized design: the plier handle is anti-slip and easy to hold, labor-saving and easy to clamp; It can be applied not only for our wire cage clips, but also for M nails
  • Application: apply for many other uses around farm, ranch, home, shop, etc.; Designed for assembling cage of many animals, such as poultry chicken, rabbit, pet bird, etc.
  • Easy to use: easy to operate and install, compared with traditional wire binding assembly, it saves time and labor, and does not hurt the animal

Specification of J Clips For Rabbit Cages:

TypePet Cages, Carriers & Houses
Item TypeBid cage
Closure TypePush-up
Commercial BuyerSpecialty Stores, TV Shopping, Department Stores, Super Markets, Spice and Extract Manufacturing, Discount Stores, E-commerce Stores
Room Space SelectionSupport
Occasion SelectionNot Support
Holiday SelectionNot Support
SeasonAll Seasons
Cage, Carrier & House TypeHOUSES
Place of OriginChina
Model NumberSC-BC02
Product nameBird Cage
UsageBird Living
Size60 X 43 X 41CM
Delivery time7-15 Days
Main materialwire
Suitable forBird Perrot

Prices of J Clips For Rabbit Cages:

$40.73 -$331.00

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