Japanese Rice Milling Machine

After years of development, technology of rice mill machines have been progressed in Japan. Our office in Japan is surrounded by rice fields. We are familiar with Rice Mill Machines because of the environment. In this page, we are going to make a brief introduction to Rice Milling Machines and Rice Huller machines.

After reading this page, you will get an idea about rice milling process and the rice farming machines. After harvesting rice, unhulled rice is harvested by rice combine harvesters. Combine harvesters will separate rice from its stem. After packing the unhulled rice in grain bags, it will be hulled by a rice huller.

A rice huller removes rice husks (chaffs) and other foreign substances. Brown rice will be proccessed by rice hullers. Then, brown rice will be polished by polishing machines and the bran will be removed. If necessary, use other related machines and supplies, such as rice destoners, sorting machines, rice checkers and rice bags.


Japanese Rice Milling Machine, For building a medium or large-scale rice processing plant, medium or large-scale rice mills are needed. They can process 10-100 tons of rice per day. If the processing plant is small, then medium, small-scale rice mills or combined rice mills will be suitable. They can process several ton


1. The main advantage of this new machine is that it occupies small space for easy installation with good performance, making rice whiter with less broken rice.
2. Compact structure, easy operation, high rice precision; It’s a ideal machine for small investment with good finish product.
3. The working video and details manual will be available.
4. Easy to adding some follow-up equipment
5. Better cleaning effect


15T/D Rice Mill600KG/H18.35KW380 V
20T/D Rice Mill800KG/H23.85KW380 V
25T/D Rice Mill1000KG/H23.85KW380 V


$150.00 – $45,000.00

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