Jersey Cow, which are most commonly used as a dairy animal. Jersey cow gives about 15 liters of milk per day. These cows are well-known for high butterfat in the milk. Worthy of their high productiveness and milk yielding capabilities, the jersey cows that we deliver are in huge demand in the market. Jersey cows have better health when compared to cows of other breeds. Hence they have a low-maintenance cost and are very popular among dairy farmers.

Jersey cows, unlike any other breed of cattle, produce most milk in their lactation period. They produce 20 to 30 liters of milk daily during lactation. Some people claim that they have Jersey cows that produce 35 to 45 liters of milk per day. But according to available average data, Jersey cows produce double milk comparatively to ordinary cows in a day. 


Unlike any other ordinary cow for dairy farming, Jersey cow is costlier than those. People don’t sell them directly in the market.If any Jersey cow is available in the local market, then most probably either they are older or they are not producing enough milk. In animal festivals, almost every kind of dairy farming animal do available but HF and Jersey’s cows are hard.  People either sell them older or when they left less productive. Best Jersey cow selection depends on their productivity and their disease’s repulsive immunity. If a Jersey cow is producing milk 290 days in a year then they are a good breed to have for the dairy farming business.The best time to buy Jersey cows is when they become young from the calf. Although these young Jersey cows are costly they are the best breed to produce maximum milk in a day. 

Features of Jersey Cow Milk

Jersey cow milk

Fat- 5.5% 

Protein– 15 to 18% more

Other elements– Calcium; 18 to 20% more

Color- They mostly have the same color range from light brown to black and few continuous spots at back thigh areas to tail. They originally have a black tail and long heads.


The Jersey Cow is comparatively a small breed of dairy cattle, raised mainly for milk production. It primarily bred in the Channel Island of Jersey. This breed of cow is popular for its high milk production as well as high butterfat included in this. It may be of a small breed, but is considered as the best milk producers. The milk provided by this cow is used to make several artisan cheeses. The milk is also used to make cream tea, clotted cream, black butter, special ice-creams etc. The Jersey Cow is highly beneficial for agricultural & horticultural society. It provides high quality rich as well as creamy milk.

Key Points:

  • Resistant to frequent diseases.
  • Its milk is naturally high in butter fat.
  • Capable to be easily handled by humans.
  • Friendly to all, has good temperament.

Prices of Jersey Cow Milk


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