John Deere 100 Series Attachments

Your lawn mower was built to do so much more than cut grass. Take advantage of our lawn striping kit to get that professionally landscaped look in the spring, and make fall leaf cleanup a breeze when you use one of our baggers. When winter weather hits, install one of our weather enclosures and a front blade and put snow in its place. Learn more about some of our favorite mower attachments below.Collecting your grass clippings serves many purposes for both the appearance and the health of your lawn. To quickly pick-up debris and keep a uniform appearance during the thick of growing season, bagging is definitely the solution. If you’re rehabbing your yard, you’ll want to bag the clippings so as not to disperse weed seeds or any diseased clippings. At the end of the season, using a bagger can really help make fall leaf cleanup a breeze. Additionally, if you compost, bagging your grass clippings offers easy access to a great source of compostable material.

Sunday, March 20 marks the first day of spring 2016. While it’s likely that many of us are still waking up in the morning to some rather chilly temperatures, warmer weather and greener grass is just around the corner. The beginning of spring means different things for different people, but for John Deere D100 Lawn Tractor owners, it means it’s time to fire up their equipment and take on yard maintenance projects. Whether you’ve had a John Deere D100 for years or are looking to make a purchase this year, consider adding these attachments to your equipment, as they are designed to make spring yard maintenance a breeze

Types of John Deere 100 Series Attachments

46-Inch Front Blade.

Rear Baggers

Weather Enclosures

Bucket Holder


40-Inch Thatcherator

36-Inch Lawn Roller

40-Inch Spiker Aerator

40-Inch Aerator/Spreader

42 and 44-Inch Lawn Sweepers

40-Inch Plug Aerator

Broadcast Spreaders

Utility Carts

Features of John Deere 100 Series Attachments

  • 17.5 hp (13 kW)* Engine
  • 42-in. Edge™ Mower Deck
  • Hydrostatic Transmission w/side-by-side pedals
  • Spring-assisted hand grip lever raises and lowers deck easily
  • Operator station is wide and comfortable
  • 2 year/120 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty
  • Powerful engine features full-pressure lubrication for long life
  • Frame made of full-length welded steel for reliability
  • Snow removal is a strength of lawn tractors
  • Hydrostatic transmission gives an infinite choice of ground speeds
  • Operator station designed for comfortable operation


Engine power17.5 hp
13 kW
Oil changeNo-tools oil drain with replaceable filter
Engine manufacturer/model31R977 (M31)
Transaxle typeTLT200 hydrostatic, two-wheel drive
Transaxle controlSide-by-side pedals
Rear tires20×8-8
Lift system typeSpring-assisted hand-grip lever
Cutting widthEdge™ mower deck, 42 in.
107 cm
U.S. warranty2 year/120 hour bumper-to-bumper* (*Term limited to years or hours used, whichever comes first, and varies by model. See the LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW JOHN DEERE TURF AND UTILITY EQUIPMENT at or for details.)

Prices of John Deere 100 Series Attachments

$1,799.00 – $1,799.00

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