John Deere 2305 Attachments

Attach 200X Loder to John Deere 2305 Tractor – Remove retaining ring and pin from each loader mast. Start JD 2305 tractor engine. Drive tractor slowly under 200X loader, close enough to connect hydraulic hoses. Engage tractor parking brake and/or place transmission in PARK. Shut off tractor engine and remove key. Route hoses through hose support on inside of right-hand loader mast. Connect hydraulic hoses to couplers on tractor using color-coded caps on hoses to match numbers and/or colors on decal by coupler plate. Start tractor engine.

Extend 200X loader lift cylinders. Drive tractor slowly, straight into loader so loader masts line up with mounting frames. Slowly retract lift cylinders fully. Notch will catch on bushing, positioning masts onto mounting frames. Dump bucket 10-20 deg. so front wheels come off ground slightly. Make sure bushing is installed in inner mast hole before installing pin and retaining ring. Install pin in hole and fasten with retaining ring. Remove lifting straps and overhead hoist. Extend lift cylinders and lift bucket from ground to ensure loader is properly mounted.

Types of John Deere 2305 Attachments

he John Deere 2305 is extremely versatile and powerful, able to work many different types of attachments.

These attachments have applications in:

  • hay
  • landscaping
  • moving
  • loading
  • digging
  • livestock
  • seeding
  • snow removal, and more.

Features of John Deere 2305 Attachments

  • Unlike similar models in this JD series, its rollover protection system (ROPS) is fixed. As such, when planning to trailer or store it, be wary of its folding bars and ensure you check its height clearance.
  • Its size doesn’t affect its performance. It can do any garden tasks with loads of ‘large tractor’ features.
  • It produces less vibration and noise during operation. This is thanks to the isolators on its large rubber mounts.
  • Its fuel consumption. This should be among the least of your worries. Its fuel consumption is rated at 1.6 gallons per hour per 100% load. The fuel tank can allow 5.5 gallons, which is enough for several hours of work. 

Specification of John Deere 2305 Attachments

Type of Attachment – Front End Loader
Model – 200CX Loader
Compatibility – John Deere 2305
Height (to pin) – 89,5 in. (2,27 m)
Clearance, dumped bucket – 58,5 in. (1,48 m)
Dump reach – 29,5 in. (0,74 m)
Dump angle – 38 deg.
Reach at ground – 50,3 in. (1,27 m)
Rollback angle at ground – 25 deg.
Rollback angle, raised – 105 deg.
Breakout force (at pin) – 2,239 lbs (1015 kg)
Breakout force (at 0,5 m) – 1,515 lbs (687 kg)
Breakout force (bucket) – 1,702 lbs (772 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin) – 902 lbs (409 kg)
Lift to full height (at 0,5 m) – 629 lbs (285 kg)
Lift to 1.5m (at pin) – 1,124 lbs (509 kg)
Lift to 1.5m (at 0,5 m) – 827 lbs (375 kg)
Bucket width – 53 in. (1,34 m)
Raise time to height – 3,19 sec
Bucket dump time – 3,19 sec
Lowering time – 1,95 sec
Rollback time – 1,95

Prices of John Deere 2305 Attachments


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