A riding lawn mower can be equipped with various attachments to do more than just mow your lawn. You can find ZTR mowers that have hitch kits that make them compatible with attachments. John Deere lawn tractors are among the most popular brands available today. Here are some of the most popular riding mower attachments: MulchControl, Broadcast spreader, Utility cart, and more. Once you’ve decided on the attachments, it’s time to start shopping

John Deere lawn mowers are designed to accommodate a wide range of add-ons, including mulching kits, bagging kits, and side discharge kits. You can also use these attachments to customize your John Deere mower for your specific needs.


The MulchControl John Deere Lawn mower attachment is a versatile accessory that saves you time. Rather than changing the blade of your mower to mulch the lawn, you can simply close or open the side-discharge baffle with a single lever. This attachment costs $139 and is compatible with 42-inch machines with Deere’s Accel Deep deck. Installing this mower attachment is easy, and you can watch a tutorial video online.

The MulchControl system includes an adjustable MulchControl baffle located near the discharge chute and a fixed one under the deck. The MulchControl handle operates a one-touch electric actuator to open and close the MulchControl baffle so that the material can flow freely. MulchControl is also compatible with other John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments. However, there are some important safety tips when operating MulchControl John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments.

The MulchControl Kit by John Deere allows you to switch from side discharge to mulching in just a few seconds. This attachment keeps clippings from getting into your flower beds or other areas. You can buy a MulchControl Kit for your existing John Deere lawn mower if it doesn’t already have this feature. Mulch Control Kit has high-lifting blades to throw the grass up higher for better mulching. If you’re interested in MulchControl John Deere Lawn Mower Attachments, contact Reynolds Equipment for more information.

The MulchControl Kit can be used with the MulchControl 42A Mower Deck. This mower attachment is compatible with all Z700 Series zero-turn mowers. MulchControl is also compatible with the Accel Deep 42-in. (42A) Mower Deck and the EZtrak Z625 and Z655 Zero-Turner lawn tractors. MulchControl also makes mulching easier.

The MulchControl John Deere Lawn mower attachment features a baffle that keeps material within the deck while it’s being chopped up into mulch and discharged to the turf. MulchControl systems put the operator in control of the clippings. MulchControl baffles are controlled with a dash-mounted switch or electric actuator. You can also open or close the baffle by pushing the handle on top of the mower deck.

This mower’s Exact Adjust feature makes leveling the mower deck a simple task. It uses Power Flow ™ blower and an onboard leveling gauge. You should always make sure your tractor is on a level surface and that its tires are correctly inflated. The cutting height knob’s label also shows where it’s adjustable. Make sure the mower wheels are off of the ground.

Broadcast Spreader

A broadcast spreader is a special tool used for spreading grass seed. This type of spreading tool spreads grass seed evenly and more quickly than a standard lawn mower can. Broadcast spreaders are pull-behind lawn mower accessories that attach to a tractor. There are different settings for the broadcast spreader, depending on the type of seed to be spread. Here are some of the settings:

Yard Commander – A popular broadcast spreader, this John Deere lawn mower accessory has 12-inch pneumatic wheels for easy maneuverability. The spreader’s hopper is corrosion-resistant and designed for heavy-duty applications. A patented Auto flow spread pattern allows you to evenly spread the product. This broadcast spreader can cover an area up to 12 feet in width and spreads it evenly.

Broadcast Spreader – A broadcast spreader is a good choice if you have a large property or are trying to fertilize a larger yard. It has a large capacity of 130 pounds and has pneumatic tires to move smoothly across all terrains. The broadcast spreader can cover half an acre. It can be attached to any tractor, whether it’s a ride-on or a pull-behind model.

Electric Broadcast Spreader – The Electric Broadcast Spreader is a great option for applying loose materials. It is ideal for medium-sized lawns, and comes with nine adjustable numbers. With ten positions between each number, you can adjust its position for the most even application. The spreader’s gearbox is completely covered to prevent spills. You can also adjust the size of the opening using a small number.

Seed spreader – The John Deere Lawn Mower Broadband Spreader has settings for different types of grass seed. You should refer to the user manual to get specific settings for spreading grass seed. Some John Deere lawn mowers have a flow control setting from zero to ten. The zero setting closes the hopper while the ten-level setting opens it completely. The flow control setting determines the size of the opening.

Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader – The Craftsman Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader is another practical option for spreading seeds and fertilizer. It can easily be hooked up to most lawnmowers and broadcasts a wide area with an even application. The Agri-Fab 130 pound tow behind broadcast spreader is a good choice for its price, durability, and versatility.

Utility cart

Adding John Deere utility carts to your tractor can make hauling your lawn mower and other yard equipment a breeze. With their compatible styling and sloping tailgate, these carts offer optimum stability and maneuverability. A patented 800-pound capacity ensures durability and long life. To ensure the safety of you and your equipment, John Deere carts come with a foot pedal release and a spring-loaded dump latch. This model includes a foot pedal dump release kit for existing poly carts. The foot pedal release kit provides the operator with both hands-free operation.

Other popular John Deere lawn mower attachments include a bagger and a rotary broom. These are great for spring yardwork and fall cleanup projects. In addition, a Utility cart allows you to haul a wide range of materials, such as rakes, bags, and other garden tools. Utility carts can also be used for simple tasks, such as raking leaves, sprinkling fertilizer, or removing weeds and other debris from the lawn.

Mulching covers are another popular lawn mower attachment. These cover kits fit 42 and 48-inch decks. They make mulching and side discharge easier than ever. Another useful tool is the Mulching Cover, which combines a bagger, chute, and blower. The Mulching Cover is made of heavy-duty materials and can help you remove fallen leaves and debris from the yard with ease. These products can help you to take care of your lawn and save you time in the long run.

Another popular accessory is the John Deere mower cover. It keeps your machine protected from the elements, extending its life and keeping it looking good. The covers are available for 100-300 series mowers. If you plan on using your lawn mower outdoors often, you will find a cover that fits snugly on the machine. You can even get an additional one for the lawn mower to increase its functionality. And if you’d like to take your mowing work one step further, consider the Mulching Control Kit.

To find the perfect mower for your yard, first consider its size and shape. The larger the cutting deck, the easier it is to finish the job. Choose a mower with higher horsepower if your yard is big, or a smaller one for smaller yards. John Deere lawn mowers in the 200 series can be fitted to a hitch kit. If you don’t own a John Deere tractor, check out other brands for sale in the area.

To make mowing more convenient, you can also add a rear bumper or rear hitch to your cart. These can help you to avoid accidents. These two attachments can help you to move heavier yard materials, as they can increase the overall capacity of your utility cart. So, you can now take care of all the yard work in a matter of hours. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll save money and get an added benefit!

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