John Deere Lawn Sprinkler

John Deere Lawn Sprinkler With vast water coverage of up to 13,500 square feet, and the eerie ability to travel on its own, the John Deere Traveling Sprinkler is perfect for watering odd-shape yards. This magic hydro-propelled sprinkler follows a pattern laid out by the hose for custom watering of round or oblong yards. The sprinkler is constructed with a die cast zinc body for optimal durability and years of reliable irrigation. Cast iron back wheels and polyurethane front wheels let this 2-speed traveler follow hose for up to 200 feet before the sprinkler’s shut-off ramp automatically stops the tractor and shuts off the water

  • Types
    • Impact Rotor
    • Irrigation Kit
    • Spray Nozzle
    • Traveling Sprinkler
    • Pattern Sprinkler


Sprinkler Design: TravelingNumber of Spray Patterns: 1Coverage Area (ft²): 13500Maximum Flow Rate (GPM): 6Maximum Spray Distance (Ft): 55Maximum Pressure Rating (psi): 120Color / Finish: John Deere Green and YellowConnector Material: BrassSprinkler Head Material: Aluminum


  • Water coverage to 13,500 sq. ft, travels up to 200 ft.
  • Sprinklers propels itself along the pattern laid out by the hose.
  • Shut-off ramp stops sprinkler and automatically shuts off water.
  • Heavy-duty die-cast iron.

Prices of John Deere Lawn Sprinkler

$82.00- $249.99

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