John Deere Plow Attachment

As the longest and coldest winter days approach and the snow begins to fall, it’s time to rev up the engine on your John Deere riding mower. While these pieces of equipment are ideal for the warmer months performing lawn-care duties and tackling yard-work tasks, they can quickly become a residential home owner’s best friend, clearing areas that may quickly be inundated by snowfall. So, as fall comes to a close, the grass has been cut, and the leaves have been removed from the yard, be sure to keep your John Deere riding mower in a spot where it can be easily accessed, as it’s only a snow plow attachment away from being a snow removal workhorse during even the toughest conditions

The KFI Pro-Series Plow System is designed from the ground up to have all the best features in one complete package. It’s engineered to out perform and out last the competition. The KFI UTV plow system is engineered as a Front-Mount System that transfers the forces from plowing to the front lower frame of your UTV. The System is attached in seconds using two standard 5/8″ hitch pins. With this Front-Mount System you get 30+ inches of lift height. All of the plow components are shot blasted and powder coated tough for the best finish available. Product Features: Complete installation instructions included. All mounting hardware included. Satisfaction guaranteed. Comes Standard with Rubber Top Flap Made in the USA.

Features of John Deere Plow Attachment

  • Basic Snow Blade for Plowing: Snow blade attachments are similar to snow plows on trucks, but are perfect for clearing medium amounts of snowfall. 
  • Markers: Heavy snow can make it hard to see the edges of your snow blade when plowing. Adding markers to your blade will make it easier to see the edges and remain in control of your blade, especially when using it as a snow plow.
  • Poly Wear Bars: Attaching a wear bar allows operators to plow snow with confidence. 
  • Deflector Shield: Snow can climb up over the snow plow and into the windshield without a deflector shield. 
  • Rubber Squeegees: Adding squeegees to Gator blades make it easier to plow snow from fragile surfaces which could be damaged from the composition of a metal blade.
  • Skid Shoes: Cast-iron shoes let operators utilize the machine with three times the wear resistance that standard steel shoes provide.
  • Lawn Tractor Snow Blower: These snow blowers are perfect for landowners in all regions where snow and plowing may be a problem.
  • Quick-Hitch Snow Blowers: Similar to other snow blowers, this attachment is a perfect solution for homeowners.
  • Brooms: Another snow removal attachment is a snow broom. John Deere snow brooms have many features that are great for homeowners.


Structure form/Two-way amplitude modulation plough
Overall dimension (length * width * height)mmmm4935 * 2830 * 1960
The machine qualitykg1824
Form a complete set of powerkW132.3 ~ 161.7
Deep tillagecm25 to 35
Connection mode with tractor/hanging

Prices of John Deere Plow Attachment

$894.56 – $3,426.00

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