John Deere S790 Combine Price

Designed for performance in coarse grain crops, the TriStream™ rotor and Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe efficiently thresh and clean grain in tough harvesting conditions. The TriStream rotor helps maximize fuel efficiency with technology that reduces the force required to move material through the combine by as much as 20 percent. High capacity starts at the feeder house, where the S Series provides large areas of clearance for high volumes of crop to flow uninterrupted.

TriStream rotor delivers performance – A slightly tapered front nose dramatically reduces the growling that often comes with thick crops and heavy rotor loads. Spiral vanes around the rotor guide the crop material through the feeding and threshing area, reducing hesitation and improving productivity. Meanwhile, rifling grooves on the elements allow the bullet-shaped rotors to move large volumes of crop material through the rotor more efficiently. Rifled elements grip crop material, providing a pulling action that helps even the crop flow, allowing the rotor to deliver better threshing performance.

DynaFlo Plus delivers clean grain – Consider your capacity needs met. In fact, in shoe-limited conditions, you get 10 percent more capacity in corn than previous models, which equates to another 0.6 ha/hr (1.5 acre/hr). The key is uniform distribution and a unique two-stage pre-cleaning design. Four conveyor augers move material onto the shoe steadily and evenly, even on hillsides. A fixed front chaffer helps thin the crop mat; about 30 percent of the air goes to the front chaffer at high speed, allowing it to clean up to 40 percent of the free grain before it reaches the main chaffer. A huge rear chaffer and larger sieve (12 percent larger than previous models) are specially designed to handle the threshing and separating performance of the S Series.

Features of John Deere S790 Combine

Powertrain warranty until Aug 19, 2024 or 2000 hours, 650×38 front duals, 750×26 rears, 4WD, premium cab, premium sound system, connect mobile ready, interactive combine adjust, active yield, pro drive- for auto speed adjust, command touch multi-speed feederhouse- for chopping corn heads, 28.5’ unload auger, manual grain tank extensions, powercast tailboard, tracks ready axle, coolant heater
650 Duals
Custom Configuration
Premium Cab
Premium Cloth Seat with Swivel
LED Lighting Package & Header Extremity Lights
Premium Radio
Generation 4 CommandCenter 10 in. Color Display – 4600 Processor
AutoTrac Ready Preparation – Without StarFire 6000 Receiver
Gen. 4 4600 CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation
Connect Mobile Ready
Base Features
ActiveYield PLUS Moisture and Yield Sensors
ProDrive Transmission with Harvest Smart Feedrate Control
Powered Rear Axle, 2-Speed 4-Wheel Drive
202kw Five Speed Drive – Hydraulic Fore Aft Tilt – 3.50 In. (90 mm) Lift Cylinders
Round Bar Concave
Dyna-Flo Plus Cleaning Shoe Deep Tooth Adjustable Chaffer and Bottom Sieve with TouchSet (Electric Shoe Adjust)
TriStream Rotor Configuration Extended Wear (Densepack Ready)
Regular Wear Grain Handling System
Manual Grain Tank Extensions, LESS Covers
28.5 Ft. (8.7M) Unloading Auger
Deluxe Residue – In-cab operator controlled PowerCast Powered Tailboard with wind compensation
750/65R26 (Goodyear or Firestone)
WITHOUT Drive Wheels and Tires
Tracks Ready Axle
Final Tier 4 Certified Engine
Camera Ready
Clean Grain Auger and Fan Bottom Protection Shielding
Engine Coolant Heater – 110 Volt (Not available for Export)
Notes: or 2000 hours


Engine typeJohn Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine
13.5 L
824 cu in.
Rated power405 kW
543 hp
Fuel capacity1,250 L
330 gal.
Rotor length312 cm
123 in.
Rotor diameter76.2 cm
30 in.
Concave area1.1 m2
11.8 sq ft
Separating area1.54 m2
16.6 sq ft
Total cleaning area (louvered)5.9 m2
63.5 sq ft
Grain tank size14,100 L
400 bu
Unloading rate135 L/s
3.8 bu/sec

Prices of John Deere S790 Combine

$25,000.00 $463,000.00

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