John Deere Snow Blowers

A Lift in Productivity Electric Lift Kits are designed to make blowing snow easier for customers with John Deere 100 Series and S240 Lawn Tractors paired with model year 2017 and prior 44-in. (112-cm) Snow Blowers (7009M). A rocker switch and heavy-duty electric actuator partner to provide effortless raising and lowering. A lift height of 4 to 6 in. (10.2 to 15.2 cm) is achieved, giving operators the clearance to navigate obstacles and make trailer loading easier. Limited down pressure is also provided to help throw snow more efficiently. Key Features Easy installation – requiring only basic hand tools Heavy-duty actuator – provides effortless operation for long-term use Powder-coated steel components – for years of durability in wintery conditions Convenient controls – a dash-mounted rocker switch puts lifting and lowering functionality in a location that’s easy to reach Lift over obstacles – with 4 to 6 inches (10.2 to 15.2 cm) of lift height Limited down pressure – helps makes snow removal more efficient Move snow out of the way so you can get on with your work with a powerful 3-Point Snowblower. These blowers are the ideal size for large-property and commercial operations, clearing yards, parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks.

 John Deere announces three new single-motor, high-flow snow blower models. Compatible with the John Deere compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders and skid-steers, the SB72D, SB78D and SB84D Snow Blowers incorporate features, such as hydraulically operated poly-lined chutes and deflectors, reinforced wrappers, adjustable skid shoes and two auger options for improved performance and durability. Compatible with John Deere compact track loader, compact wheel loader and skid steer models, the SB72D, SB78D and SB84D Snow Blowers have a direct drive motor at the auger and impeller, and two auger options, standard and serrated. The two-stage hydraulic Snow Blowers are ideal for clearing roadways, parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, and they can throw snow up to 45 feet from the machine, enabling faster, more efficient removal.

Uses/benefits of John Deere Snow Blowers

The hydraulically activated, poly-lined chutes and deflectors enable easy snow placement from in-cab controls, making it stress-free for the operator to maneuver and remove snow. The chute rotates 270 degrees using a simple, direct-drive hydraulic motor, rather than a chain and sprocket design or cables. The simple-to-adjust skid shoes set cutting edge height to accommodate different surge types on the job. Additionally, the models can be equipped with replaceable bolt-on, wear-resistant, tapered steel edges and poly edges.

Features of John Deere Snow Blowers

· Adjustable skid shoes
· Standard manual or optional hydraulic chute deflector
· Welded- or bolted-on reversible cutting edges
· Rotating drum equipped on SB13R Series
· iMatch™ and/or Quick-Coupler compatible (Quick-Coupler optional on SB13 Series. Requires additional kit.)


Tractor HP12-20hp25-30hp30-45hp45-60hp
3-point linkageCat-1Cat-1Cat-1Cat-1&2
Structure Weight551b250kg1120lb520kg1190lb537kg1543lb700kg
(A)Loading Height4.43′1350mm7.78′2370mm7.94′2420mm8.37′2550mm
(B)Digging  Depth3.12′950mm5.74′1750mm6.4′1950mm7.38′2250mm
(C)Max. Height6.89′2100mm10.24′3120mm10.4′3170mm11.32′3450mm
(D)Digging Width7.55′2300mm8.53′2600mm9.51′2900mm10.83′3300mm
Unload height4.1′1250mm5.91′1800mm6.56′2000mm7.55′2300mm
Leg  Spread6.23′1900mm5.58′1700mm5.58′1700mm5.58′1700mm
Swing Angle(boom)180°180°180°180°
Bucket  Width0.9′290mm0.9′300mm0.9′300mm1.3′400mm

Prices of John Deere Snow Blowers

$1,200.00 – $2,260.00

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