The first John Deere threshing machines were identical to the Hooverizers with the exception of the name and graphics. Since Deere engineers had already been at work for over 10 years developing combines, they immediately saw ways in which improvements could be made to these threshers. By April of 1931, the new Deere threshers had more bars and teeth on the cylinder, increased length and number of grates on the concave and longer straw walkers. These changes increased the capacity and cleaning ability of the threshers and, according to ads of the day, gave them “the capacity to handle the heaviest crops, the longest straw and the weediest bundles and do a speedy low cost job of threshing.” The 24 by 42 inch machine was said to be the perfect match for the “GP” tractor as was the 28 by 50 inch machine to the model “D.” A tractor hitch was standard on both models but a horse hitch was also available.

John Deere combines have many things in common, but each combine was designed for specific needs. Do any of these apply to you? You’re a fleet owner and want to reduce your fleet; your fields or harvest conditions require you to harvest high-moisture corn or tough-threshing small grains; you are running a fully optimized combine today and you need to get more done in a day; or you would also need to upgrade your header to get more capacity. Consider these factors and contact your dealer to determine the best option. This manual rice thresher is mainly used for paddy rice and wheat, the machine boasts reasonable design, excellent manufacture, easy operation and low energy.  J06-L manual rice thresher is very useful for rural areas where there is no fuel or electricity, it is very easy and simple to operate, also with very good quality.

Uses/benefits of John Deere Thresher

)Without destroying the corn cabs.

2 )Clean threshing,the corn cabs can be thrown out completely, you needn’t clear them.

3 )Lower broken rate,the threshing ratio reach 99% and 1% losing.

Features of John Deere Thresher

1. Wide application for crops, such as, threshing the corn, wheat, rice, sorghum, barley, millet, and etc…;
2. Can be driven by electric motor, diesel engine, or gasoline engine;
3. Generally speaking, we usually assemble 4 screens with different sizes to meet your various needs;
4. Our Vanmay Corn Sheller Machine has 1 or 2 blowers to remove the dust;
5. With light weight and small size, high efficiency, and easy operating.


Overall dimensions(LXWXH)MM510*780*840
Operating systemPedal powered or foot-operated
Total loss rate %Less than 0.2%
Pure rate:More than 99%
Working efficiency (kg/h)1000-1100kg
Packing dimensions
Net weight40kg
Gross weight41kg
CropsRice, wheat
20’ container loader QTY102pcs

Prices of John Deere Thresher

$225.00 – $2,250.00

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