The first John Deere threshing machines were identical to the Hooverizers with the exception of the name and graphics. Since Deere engineers had already been at work for over 10 years developing combines, they immediately saw ways in which improvements could be made to these threshers. By April of 1931, the new Deere threshers had more bars and teeth on the cylinder, increased length and number of grates on the concave and longer straw walkers. These changes increased the capacity and cleaning ability of the threshers and, according to ads of the day, gave them “the capacity to handle the heaviest crops, the longest straw and the weediest bundles and do a speedy low cost job of threshing.” The 24 by 42 inch machine was said to be the perfect match for the “GP” tractor as was the 28 by 50 inch machine to the model “D.” A tractor hitch was standard on both models but a horse hitch was also available.

Back in that day, the “Hart Self Feeder” was the Cadillac of feeders and was what the Deere threshers were equipped with. Before the invention of the feeder, one or two workers were stationed on a platform at the front of the thresher. There they took bundles, cut off the twine or wire and fed the straw into the cylinder. With the invention of the self feeder and development of twine-tying binders, this hot, dirty work was replaced by something that was still hot and dirty, but less so. Now workers threw bundles onto a conveyor chain. As it was fed into the machine, rotating or reciprocating knives cut the twine. A governor mechanism on the side of the feeder slowed or stopped the conveyor chain when the cylinder speed dropped because of overloading.

Features of John Deere Threshing Machine

5TGQ series threshing machines are used for threshing millet , sorghum , rape seed by changing the sieve.Compared with other threshers, it has high peeling rate and low breakage rate when threshing sorghum grains. It is a professional millet and thresher millet. Small volume,light weight,high efficience,proper structure,good performance,simple operation Can be driven by motor,diesel engine,gas engine. There are several parts:thresh drum,screen,hopper,winnower,fan,separator,tube,motor,conveying part,etc.

Uses/benefits of John Deere Threshing Machine

♦ This is a multi function thresher, it is suitable for threshing the wheat, barley,oat,rice,sorghum etc.

♦ The multi function thresher could be matched for diesel engine, 4-wheels tractor, and the electrical motor.

♦ This machine has the high threshing efficiency ,and low broken rate. It is a better helper for the farmers


1Working efficiency kg/hCorn ≥3500
   Millet ≥2000
   Beans ≥800
2Motor Powerkw7-11 kw
3Overall dimensionsmm2460x1400x1900
4Length of threshing rotormm1000
5Spindle speedr/min500-700
6Total weightkg580

Prices of John Deere Threshing Machine


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