Due to its unique characteristics, Sahiwal breed is exported to wide list of countries and regions. The Sahiwal breed arrived in Australia via New Guinea in the early 1950s. In Australia, the Sahiwal breed was initially selected as a dual-purpose breed. It played a valuable role in the development of the two Australian tropical dairy breeds, the Australian Milking Zebu and the Australian Friesian Sahiwal. Sahiwal cattle are now predominantly used in Australia for beef production, as crossing high-grade Sahiwal sires with European breeds produced a carcass of lean quality with desirable fat cover. Sahiwal bulls have demonstrated the ability to sire small, fast-growing calves, noted for their hardiness under unfavorable climatic conditions.


India has a rich resource of cow breeds and cows used to be an inherent part of Indian culture, since ancient time. Cow-rearing, worship, and use of cow products in daily life were part of traditional Indian lifestyle throughout India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The best cow breeds of the world are of Indian origin. Kapila, one of the native breeds of Southern Karnataka known for its small size and spiritual elegance is considered as the best cow breed. This breed is the most revered cow for worship and raised for the use of its products in HavanasPoojas and other religious activities. Most of the village temples also used to keep  Kapila cows for their milk and other products for daily rituals of the temples and offerings to the temple deities. All Brahmin families of South Karnataka and Kasaragod used to maintain at least one milking Kapila cow throughout the year for use in daily rituals and feeding milk to the young kids.


Raising and maintenance of Kapila cows are less labour-intensive and highly economical. According to some reports, Kapila has been recommended as the best cow breed for the so-called “zero-budget farming”, as this cow breed can survive on jungle forage and minimal additional fodder. There is a popular belief among the village-folk that Kapila cows have a wise eating habit and capable of avoiding unhealthy food materials either among plants or plant products. Since the food of Kapila breed comprises highly diverse forest flora, including many of the medicinal plants in the wild, the milk produced by these cows naturally possess a high level of medicinal properties and healing abilities. Because of its small stature, Kapila bulls and cows can easily eat small sized grass, plants etc. which is very nutritious. This nutrition naturally passed on to its milk, dung and urine. Therefore, Ayurveda practitioners also prefer the products of this cow for preparation of medicinal formulations. The zero-budget farming is picking momentum during recent times and several organizations and individuals also opting for this cow breed for dairy and farming, even though milk production is less.  Accordingly, there is high demand for Kapila cows in the market during recent times.


Specialty‎No Preservatives
Weight‎1 Kilograms
Ingredient Type‎Vegetarian
Manufacturer‎Kapila Agro Farma
Item part number‎PCKOF4KP001
Item Weight‎1 Kilograms
Ingredients‎Cow Milk

Prices of Kapila Cow Milk


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